Getting beyond "ground zero" : an interview with Pascal Da Rocha

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Pascal Da Rocha has over 18 years of experience in crisis negotiations in volatile environments. He provides political advisory and political mediation activities for organizations such as UN, NATO, and EU. His thematic expertise is in extractive industries, gender, national dialogue and reconciliation and security arrangements. Pascal also provides advisory services for Fortune 500 companies in change management strategies and intercultural communication. Pascal holds lecturing appointments at Columbia University in New York and IESEG School of Management in Paris/Lille, France. He has published on diversity management, political mediation and collective leadership in organizations.
CITATION: Botha, L. with Lumerman, P. (2015). Getting beyond “ground zero”: an interview with Pascal Da Rocha. Reflections from Practice Series No. 15 (B. Ganson, ed.). The Hague: ACCESS Facility.
Third parties, Dispute resolution, Business rights, Human rights, Economic development, Conflict management