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  • A comparative anatomical study of the grapevine, shoot and cane : II: periderm and secondary phloem 

    Swanepoel, J. J.; De La Harpe, A. C.; Orffer, C. J. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1984)
    The taxonomic value of ten periderm and secondary phloem features of canes of different grapevine species was investigated. A scatter diagram showed that with few exceptions the American cultivars have a larger periderm ...

  • A comparative anatomical study of the grapevine shoot : I epidermis 

    Swanepoel, J. J.; De La Harpe, A. C.; Orffer, C. J. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1984)
    Material gathered from three positions on the shoot and cane during veraison and two weeks after harvest were investigated for taxonomic features concerning the epidermis. Stomata and lenticels were present in all the ...

  • Spread of phytophthora cinnamomi in a naturally infested vineyard soil 

    Maraisa, P. G.; Hattingh, M. J. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1985)
    Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands. was isolated from rootstocks of dead or diseased vines in vineyards from 14 districts in the Cape Province of South Africa. It was recovered in vineyard soil to a depth of 320 mm. Downhill ...

  • Growth characteristics of vitis vinifera L. cv. Cape riesling 

    De La Harpea, A. C.; Visser, J. H. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1985)
    The effect of topping on the growth behaviour of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cape Riesling vineyard was investigated. Shoot and leaf growth of both topped and untopped vines, can be described as sigmoidal. Shoot (cm) and leaf ...

  • Local government finance: a comparative study 

    Brand, Dirk (2016)
    INTRODUCTION: In a multi-sphere system of government, such as the constitutional system in South Africa which is characterised by cooperative government, effective financial intergovernmental relations are essential for ...

  • Living through Languages: An African Tribute to René Dirven 

    van der Walt, Christa (2006)
    Living through languages: An African Tribute to Rene Dirven is a collection of scholarly research meant to honour the various facets of his academic legacy, which includes language policy and politics, language acquisition ...

  • Histamine and tyramine content of South African wine 

    Cilliers, J. D.; Van Wyk, C. J. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1985)
    The histamine content of 184 wines and tyramine content of 156 wines, produced in South Africa was measured. The histamine and tyramine content of the wine was found to be similar to those of wines produced in other ...

  • Lexicographie et Confection des Dictionnaires au Gabon 

    Mavoungou, Paul Achille (2010)
    In this book Dr. Mavoungou focuses on dictionary making in Gabon, but he does it within a clearly-defined theoretical framework. His outline of the Yilumbu language and the lexicographic activities in Gabon serves as a ...

  • Language Science and Language Technology in Africa: A Festschrift for Justus C. Roux 

    NDINGA-KOUMBA-BINZA, Hugues Steve; BOSCH, Sonja E. (2012)
    BOOK BLURB: This book provides a broad overview of current work on South African languages, language resources and language technologies. While it provides a fairly comprehensive overview, it also ties together the most ...

  • Innovative Practices in the African Water Supppply and Sanitation Sector 

    Schouten, Marco; Hes, Edwin; Hoko, Zvikomborero (2009)
    BOOK BLURB: Africa continues to struggle to make progress in supplying water and sanitation to its people. Often the challenges can be overwhelming and the looming threats of climate change, increased urbanisation and ...

  • HIV/AIDS, Poverty & Pastoral Care & Counselling: A home-based and congregational systems ministerial approach in Africa 

    Magezi, Vhumani (2007)
    BOOK BLURB: Statistical data confirms beyond a doubt that sub-Saharan Africa is a very poor region with the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in the world. The region has poor and limited health facilities and resources (personnel ...

  • The removal of copper and iron from wine using a chelating resin 

    Loubser, G. J.; Sanderson, R. D. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1986)
    An insoluble polymer-supported absorbant, developed for the selective removal of excess copper and iron from wine was tested. Tests conducted on dry white wine with excessive copper and iron showed effective removal of 98% ...

  • Higher education in south africa: a scholarly look behind the scenes 

    Bitzer, Eli (2009)
    BOOK BLURB: A most stimulating collection of articles on the current state of South African higher education and of scholarly inquiry into key issues of higher education in South Africa, as well as in other parts of the ...

  • A rapid and quantitative HPLC method for determination of diethylene glycol 

    Van Rooyen, T. J.; Van Wyk, C. J. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1986)
    A method was developed for determining diethylene glycol (DEG) by HPLC. Good separation was achieved by analysis of standard mixtures containing normal wine components and DEG. Addition of DEG to wine samples proved that ...

  • God for us: An analysis and assessment of Dutch Reformed preaching during the apartheid years 

    Cilliers, Johan (2006)
    Preaching reveals, amongst other things, the state of the heart of the church – whether it be healthy or ailing. Sermons from the South African apartheid era, taken from the official mouthpiece of the Dutch Reformed ...

  • Gerrie gesels tennis 

    Berner, Gerrie (2003)
    Ek wil vir geen oomblik te kenne gee dat my manier van afrig die enigste metode is nie. Dit is eerder ’n aanduiding van die filosofieë wat vir my gewerk het. Verder deel ek graag my oortuiging dat tennis speel ’n mens ...

  • Killer yeasts - cause of stuck fermentations in a wine cellar 

    Van Vuuren, H. J. J.; Wingfield, Brenda D. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1986)
    Sluggish fermentations in five fermenters in a wine cellar were investigated. Methylene blue-stains of yeast suspensions revealed that approximately 90% of the total yeast population in each of the fermenters were dead. ...


    Galishnikova, Vera; Dunaiski, Peter; Pahl, Peter Jan (2009)
    Nonlinear structural behaviour is considerably more complex than linear behaviour. For example, the principle of superposition does not hold in nonlinear analysis. While linear structural analysis is fairly standardised ...

  • Gender and Sexuality in South African Music 

    Walton, Chris; Muller, Stephanus (2005)
    BOOK BLURB: For many years now, the manner in which gender and sexuality impinge upon musical creativity has been a focus of mainstream debate in Europe and the USA. This book, based on the papers of a conference organized ...

  • Fishing for Jonah (anew): Various approaches to Biblical interpretation 

    Jonker, Louis; Lawrie, Douglas (2005)
    Study Guides in Religion and Theology 7. Publications of the University of the Western Cape. This book builds on the introduction to biblical interpretation off ered in Angling for Interpretation (Conradie & Jonker 2001). ...

  • Film Criticism in Cape Town 1928-1930: An explorative investigation into the Cape Times and Die Burger 

    Eckardt, Michael (2005)
    This study is the revised version of my thesis, submitted at the University of Stellenbosch to obtain the degree Master of Philosophy of Journalism. The decision to publish this thesis stems from various recommendations ...

  • Festschrift Rufus H. Gouws 

    Botha, Willem; Mavoungou, Paul; Nkomo, Dion (2013)
    Die gevoel was dat hierdie bundel aan oudstudente van Rufus Gouws die geleentheid sal gee om op gepaste wyse hul dank en waardering teenoor hom te betoon. Magister- en doktorale studente van 1986 tot Desember 2012 ...

  • Strategies for chemical control of root-knot nematodes (meloidogyne spp.) in established vineyards 

    Loubsera, J. T.; Meyer, A. J. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1986)
    Grape-vine root growth was measured for vertical and horizontal distribution as well as seasonal growth periods. The persistance of aldicarb and fenamiphos in the soil as well as in leaves and fruit of grape-vines was ...


    Gildenhuys, JSH (2004)
    Immoral, unethical conduct of politicians and public officials is a grobal scourge of the present day. The South African Government is leading the battle against corruption in the public sector, and it must be supported ...

  • Ethical Leadership: and the Challenges of Moral Transformation 

    Dames, Gordon E. (2009)
    This book provides perspective and guidance during times of increasing moral confusion due to contending global and indigenous messages, and leadership with a lack of brave confession, and living out, of sound moral ...


    Waghid, Yusef (2010)
    PREFACE: This book contains a revised collection of previously published articles spanning a period of five years (2004-2009) during which my seminal thoughts on democratic citizenship education have been developed. I ...

  • Effect of grape maturity and juice treatments on terpene concentrations and wine quality of vitis vinifera L. cv. weisser riesling and bukettraube 

    Marais, J.; Van Wyk, C. J. (South African Society for Enology and Viticulture, 1986)
    The effect of grape maturity aud different juice treatments, namely free-run, skin-contact, pressing and heat treatment on individual terpene concentrations in Weisser Riesling and Bukettraube juices and wines, as well as ...

  • Ecriture et Standardisation des Langues Gabonaises 

    Hubert, Jacques; Mavoungou, Paul Achille (2010)
    Ecriture et Standardisation des Langues Gabonaises addresses the language situation in Gabon, which is reflective of the state of many African languages in general. Specific issues discussed include the alphabet and writing, ...

  • Ecosystem services in the Gariep basin 

    Bohensky, E.; Reyers, B.; Van Jaarsveld, A.S.; Fabricius, C. (2004)
    The Gariep Basin Millennium Ecosystem Assessment investigated the condition and trends of ecosystem services and human well-being in the Gariep basin from 1993 to 2003. The assessment features highlights from four local-scale ...

  • DOODLOOPSTRATE VAN DIE GELOOF: ’n Perspektief op die Nuwe Hervorming 

    Durand, Jaap (2005)
    VOORWOORD: Met sy nuutste publikasie lewer Jaap Durand andermaal ’n stimulerende bydrae tot die Suid-Afrikaanse gesprek oor Christelike geloofskwessies. Hy skryf saaklik, maar simpatiek, met begrip vir die intellektuele ...

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