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  • Biblical values and multi-religious education in primary school : problems and proposals 

    Roux, Cornelia (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    This paper focuses on an apparently inherent contradiction between the concepts ‘biblical values’, ‘Christian values’ and ‘multi-religious education’ in their application to a primary school situation.  Some problems related ...
  • Prayer : an integral part of the Old Testament 

    O’Kennedy, D. F. (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    There are a few misconceptions concerning the understanding of prayer in the Old Testament, namely 1) prayer literature does not form an integral part of the Old Testament; 2) Old Testament prayer is confined to Psalmic ...
  • The bible in South African public discourse -with special reference to the right to protest 

    Botha, Jan (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    The Bible is one of the most significant bases for values-persuasion and the shaping of the ethos of the South African population.  This significant influence of the Bible is potentially a serious stumbling block for social ...
  • The reception of Matthew in Africa 

    Combrink, H. J. Bernard (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    The typical critical issues concerning the interpretation of Matthew do not occur that often in the reception of Matthew in Africa.  The issues addressed are especially contextual matters such as liberation and the relevance ...
  • Translating or transforming – receiving Matthew in Africa 

    Combrink, H. J. Bernard (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    The Bible has to be rewritten in order to remain relevant also in Africa.  This has implications for the translation and the transformation of its message.  Translations can be categorized form literal to unduly free.  The ...
  • Murder in the toilet (Judges 3:12-30): translation and transformation 

    Deist, Ferdinand (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    The story of Ehud’s dealings with King Eglon of Moab is not the kind of story ordinary Bible readers would expect to find in the Bible.  To refresh our memories here, in short, is that story.
  • Styles of theological dialogue 

    Lategan, Bernard (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    The meeting of context, also in theological discourse, inevitably results in the development of some form of dialogue.  Theological discourse is characterized by a series of variables, related to different aspects of such ...
  • Imagination and transformation : ricoeur and the role of imagination 

    Lategan, Bernard (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    The article examines the facilitating role of imagination in the process of transformation.  Firstly, the suspicion that imagination is merely a license for subjectivity is addressed, before the phenomenological roots of ...
  • Prophetic discourse : dialogue, disaster or opportunity? 

    Deist, Ferdinand (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    Christian tradition has always idealized the ‘writing prophets’.  That view has, however, been undermined over the past two decades.  We know very little about the origins of these books and even less about the origins of ...
  • Dialogue in and with the bible 

    Combrink, H. J. Bernard (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1996)
    According to Bakhtin dialogue is the essential symbolic medium through which all social relations are necessarily constituted.  This must be seen against the background of a literary approach which is not comprehensive ...
  • An ethics of care : PGCE students’ experiences of online learning during Covid-19 

    Feldman, Jennifer (University of the Western Cape, 2020)
    The article discusses the online teaching and learning experiences of university students during the recent countrywide lockdown and higher education institutional shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing on philosopher ...
  • Death penalty : a human rights issue for South Africa 

    Jones, Chris (IntechOpen, 2021)
    In South Africa, the death penalty has been repealed just after the arrival of democracy in 1994. At present, due to numerous daily murders, especially farm murders, this issue is being debated once again seriously – by ...
  • The initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the diagnosis of new cancers at a large pathology laboratory in the public health sector, Western Cape Province, South Africa 

    Van Wyk, A. C.; De Jager, L. J.; Razack, R.; Van Wyk, S. S.; Kleinhans, W.; Simonds, H. M.; Schubert, P. T. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2021)
    Background. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted cancer diagnostic services. A decline in the number of new cancers being diagnosed over a relatively short term implies a delay in diagnosis and subsequent treatment. This ...
  • Satan is holding your tongue back : stuttering as moral failure 

    Isaacs, Dane H. (AOSIS, 2021)
    Background: The last decade has seen researchers and speech–language pathologists employ and advocate for a disability studies approach in the study of the lived experiences of people who stutter and in the design of ...
  • Preaching : an initial theoretical exploration 

    Pieterse, Hennie; Wepener, Cas (AOSIS, 2021)
    In this article, the event of preaching was explored by making use of both older and newer sources. Whilst taking cognisance of continuous contextual changes and developments within the discipline of homiletics, core ...
  • A curriculum proposal for the school subject, religious studies 

    Roux, Cornelia (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1995)
    Religious Education in schools in South Africa is on the threshold of new development. The mono-religious approach and curricula of Religious Education in state schools may change to multi-religious approach in order to ...
  • Tertiary academia of religion in South Africa – some statistical perspectives 

    Muller, Hans P. (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1995)
    The purpose of this article is to present a quantified overview of the academic teaching of religion in South African universities. It is shown that religion, in particular the subject known as Biblical Studies, is highly ...
  • A suggestion about the genre or text-type of Mark 

    Shim, Ezra S. B. (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1994)
    The aim of this essay is to reformulate the identity of the genre of the Gospel of Mark as n proper interpretive model in the light of recent developments in literary theory and hermeneutics. In order to do so, a brief ...
  • Teaching the bible to little children 

    Roux, Cornelia (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1994)
    Teaching the Bible to little children is far more complex than may be expected. The contents as well as the manner in which a Bible story is related may affect a child’s religious development and religious experiences. ...
  • Text in a multidimensional exegetical approach 

    Jonker, Louis (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1993)
    The quest towards a multidimensional exegetical approach arises from the present state of the exegetical discipline. Presently, this discipline is characterized by an overwhelming variety of methodology, but also by ...
  • Aspects of the rhetoric of South African new testament scholarship anno 1992 

    Botha, Jan (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1993)
    Towards the end of the era of fixation on text immanent approaches, (such as structuralism, reading the New Testament as literature, etcetera) which characterized South African New Testament scholarship during the 70’s and ...
  • Ecology and Christian theology : an introduction with a comprehensive, indexed bibliography 

    Conradie, E. M. (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1993)
    To discuss ‘green’ issues in Christian theology can no longer be regarded as something rather novel to do. The vast amount of literature included in this bibliography gives a sobering indication of exactly how much energy ...
  • How should a public way of doing theology be approached? 

    Conradie, E. M. (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1993)
    In an attempt to discern some guidelines for the South African debate on a public way of doing theology, it may be helpful to draw on recent debates on the issue of public theology in the USA. I will argue that the call ...
  • A profile of socio-political attitudes and values prevalent under religiously active mainstream Afrikaner elites 

    Kinghorn, Johann; Kotze, Hennie J. (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1993)
    There is little doubt that South Africa is one of the world’s social test tubes. In many ways it is a microcosm of macro-global issues. This applies equally to an area which is not being studies as much as it should be: ...
  • The powers and limits of pluralism in theology 

    Conradie, E. M. (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1992)
    ccording to David Tracy, plurality and ambiguity are two important characteristics of the contemporary global (and South African) cultural, political, religious and theological situations. This article identifies five ...
  • Metaphor, history and reality in the New Testament 

    Dormeyer, D. (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1992)
    This article deals with the crisis of tradition. The question is whether the concept ‘Gospel’ plays the same role in our time as in our time as in the past, and also whether it means the same thing in Paul as in the narrative ...
  • Reference and rhetoric in the Gospel of Matthew 

    Combrink, H. J. Bernard (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1992)
    This article reacts to the view that whereas the Markan narrative functions predominantly on the rhetorical axis of communication, Matthew operates basically on the mimetic axis. Although there are obvious differences ...
  • The perspective of Paul in Galatians 

    Hong, In-Gyu (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1991)
    An analysis of the structure of Galatians reveals pivotal statements in the argument within the letter, 1:4; 3:13-14,25; 4:4-5; 5:1a, 13a; 6:14.These passages centre around the redemptive work of Christ, more precisely his ...
  • The challenge of contextuality 

    Lategan, Bernard (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1991)
    Why the wide-spread interest in contextuality, also and especially in dealing with biblical material? Is this the latest fad every self-respecting exegete is supposed to master in order to impress his or her peers? Is it ...
  • South African radio and television as contexts for exegesis : a case study of interpretive practices in South African public worship 

    Muller, Bethel A.; Smit, Dirk J. (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 1991)
    Religion – especially the Christian religion – has played, and still plays, and extremely important role in the structuring of public life in South Africa (78% of the population regard themselves as Christian; cf the ...

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