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    Between harmony and justice : an interview with Ivan Ormachea
    (2015) Botha, Linda; Lumerman, Pablo; Ormachea, Ivan
    Ivan Ormachea specializes in conflict prevention, conflict transformation dialogue and mediation. He works on social and environmental issues related to extractive industries, and on family, commercial, workplace and labor disputes. He is a mediator for the Office of Mediation and Facilitation Services of the World Bank and the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman of the IFC. He is the President of the Peruvian NGO ProDiálogo. He is a part-time professor of the Catholic University of Peru and has an MA in International Relations from Syracuse University, USA.
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    Culture of conflict resolution : an interview with Ashok Panikkar
    (2015) Botha, Linda; Lumerman, Pablo; Panikkar, Ashok
    Ashok Panikkar is a is Meta-Culture's principle consultant and a passionate conflict resolution professional. He has worked as a conflict management consultant, mediator, facilitator and trainer all over the United States, India and in Europe. Prior to starting Meta-Culture, now India's first full service conflict and dialogue facilitation center, he directed an organizational conflict resolution program in Cambridge, Massachusetts, successfully mediating hundreds of disputes in the corporate and civil society sectors. He did his undergraduate studies in Visual Communication and has a Master's degree in Critical and Creative Thinking from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.
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    Government and governance : an interview with Giselle Ober
    (2015) Botha, Linda; Lumerman, Pablo; Ober, Giselle
    Giselle Ober has a PhD in the field of conflict transformation from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. She has over 20 years of experience working in the conflict transformation field, living and working in Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru and the USA. She has consulted to international and local organizations working in war-torn societies in Eastern Europe, Northern Ireland, South Asia and Africa. Her work includes public policy development; system and process design; conflict resolution programs; and facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes around inter ethnic relations, development, land, water and socio-environmental conflicts.
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    Incremental steps towards trust : an interview with David Plumb
    (2015) Botha, Linda; Lumerman, Pablo; Plumb, David
    David Plumb is director for Latin America at the Consensus Building Institute (CBI). David is a mediator, facilitator, trainer and researcher specializing in consensus building, negotiation, conflict resolution and designing stakeholder engagement strategies. He helps to lead CBI’s Corporate Community Engagement practice and has experience managing complex natural resource disputes and public policy issues in the U.S., Africa, Latin America, and Europe. David is a bilingual Spanish speaker and currently lives in Santiago, Chile. A Fulbright scholar, David holds a BA in Politics and Latin-American Studies from Princeton University.
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    Swimming with crocodiles : an interview with Kim Wilson
    (2015) Botha, Linda; Lumerman, Pablo; Wilson, Kim
    Kim Wilson is an experienced engagement specialist, mediator, facilitator and alternative dispute resolution practitioner. He has successfully conducted mediations for over 15 years, many involving multiple parties and complex issues and interests. He is a specialist in social development strategy, and designs and delivers engagement strategies and implementation plans. He is experienced in companyto- community engagement, strategic negotiation and working with indigenous interests in Australia and beyond. He also conducts workshops on company-to-community engagement and negotiation.