The art of representation :an interview with Mia Quiaoit-Corpus

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Mia Quiaoit-Corpus is Executive Director of the Conflict Resolution Group Foundation, an NGO focused on delivering non-adversarial processes of dispute resolution across the Asia Pacific Region. She has 9 years of experience in the management of various mediation and facilitation programs, including research, framework & institutional design, policy writing and training. She received her Global Masters of Arts in International Affairs from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University, Boston. She completed her MBA from the University of the Philippines.
CITATION: Botha, L. with Lumerman, P. (2015). The Art of Representation: An interview with Mia Quiaoit-Corpus. Reflections from Practice Series No. 1 (B. Ganson, ed.). The Hague: ACCESS Facility.
Third parties, Dispute resolution, Business rights, Human rights, Economic development, Conflict management, Negotiation