Catena-Poly[copper(I)-bis(μ-trifluoro-methane-sulfonato-k2 O:O′)-copper(I)-bis(μ-trimethyl trithio-phosphite)-k2 P:S;k2 S:P]

Strasser C.E. ; Cronje S. ; Raubenheimer H.G. (2008)


The title compound, [Cu2(CF3SO3)2(C3H9PS3)2] n , crystallizes as infinite chains in which two trimethyl trithio-phosphite ligands and two trifluoro-methane-sulfonate anions bridge the essentially tetra-hedrally coordinated CuI ions in an alternating fashion. The P and one S atom of each trimethyl trithio-phosphite ligand are employed for coordination. The mol-ecular structure exhibits the rare motif of copper(I) bridged by two trifluoro-methane-sulfonate anions generating eight-membered rings.

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