Recent Submissions

  • Transforming transformation in research and teaching at South African universities 

    Pattman, Rob; Carolissen, Ronelle (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2018)
    What is transformation in contemporary South African higher education? How can it be facilitated through research and pedagogic practices? These questions are addressed in this edited collection by established academics ...
  • People first : a practical guide to community development 

    Cloete, Pieter; Groenewald, Cornie; Van Wyk, Maureen (Community Leadership Project, University of Stellenbosch, 1996)
    Anyone who wants to get involved in community development must have an understanding of what is meant by development. Development is a difficult term to define. What is accepted for one person as development, might be ...
  • Rural development in South Africa : a case-study of the Amatola Basin in the Ciskei 

    Bowen, J.; Mqingwana, V. G.; Manona, C. W.; Fincham, R. J. (Shuter & Shooter, 1985)
    This monograph considers the circumstances of a rural Ciskei community, and the prospects for their improvement. It results from a co-operative research venture between the Agricultural and Rural Development Research ...