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    Transforming transformation in research and teaching at South African universities
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2018) Pattman, Rob; Carolissen, Ronelle
    What is transformation in contemporary South African higher education? How can it be facilitated through research and pedagogic practices? These questions are addressed in this edited collection by established academics and emerging research students from nine South African universities. The chapters give us access to students’ worlds; how they construct, experience and navigate their complex spheres, on and off campus.
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    People first : a practical guide to community development
    (Community Leadership Project, University of Stellenbosch, 1996) Cloete, Pieter; Groenewald, Cornie; Van Wyk, Maureen
    Anyone who wants to get involved in community development must have an understanding of what is meant by development. Development is a difficult term to define. What is accepted for one person as development, might be interpreted by another person as no development or even as a decline. Development obviously entails a value judgement. Some development is judged as good and other as bad. The term is often seen in conjunction with other terms such as, change, growth, progress, reformation,• transformation or even revolution. These terms bring the problem of value judgements to the fore. We cannot talk about development without putting across certain viewpoints and objectives. A further problem is that development cannot be looked at in general. It must be seen in relation to a specific aspect of our existence. Development can occur, inter alia, in the physical, economic, social and political sectors. Human development thus entails the acquisition of skills and abilities and the improvement of the quality of life in all these sectors.
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    Rural development in South Africa : a case-study of the Amatola Basin in the Ciskei
    (Shuter & Shooter, 1985) Bowen, J.; Mqingwana, V. G.; Manona, C. W.; Fincham, R. J.; De Wet, Chris J.; Bekker, Simon B.; Jacobs, Ivan
    This monograph considers the circumstances of a rural Ciskei community, and the prospects for their improvement. It results from a co-operative research venture between the Agricultural and Rural Development Research Institute (ARDRI) at the University of Fort Hare and the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at Rhodes University. In 1981 ARDRI approached ISER and asked it to undertake a socio-economic survey in the Amatola Basin area of Ciskei near Alice. As a result of the socio-economic survey conducted in mid-1981, it became clear that further research would be necessary. The overall organization of this monograph is thus based on two sets of interrelated assumptions, viz. that the Amatola Basin's relationship of dependency on the wider South African society is largely responsible for both the low level of opportunity and the wide range of effective constraints on the development of a stronger local economy and infrastructure, and of effective administration. This relationship of dependency is part of an on-going historical process and appears to have been cumulative; and that the fields selected for more detailed study, viz. education, health, cultivation, local government and externally-initiated development projects constitute perhaps the key areas in which people's chances of improvement historically have been and are currently being held back. With these two assumptions operating as broad guidelines, the authors have each pursued their own research, having freedom to cast their findings in comparative and interpretative contexts of their own choice. While ideas and data have been shared, the authors each accept responsibility for the content of their own chapters.