Templating polymerization of dodecylammonium surfactants with polymerizable (meth)acrylate counter ions

Hartmann P.C. ; Sanderson R.D. (2005)

Conference Paper

Both dodecylammonium acrylate (I) and dodecylammonium methacrylate (II) are reactive surfactants in which the polymerizable group is the organic counterion. Templating polymerization of I and II from the lyotropic liquid crystalline (LLC) lamellar phase was successfully performed with conservation of the supramolecular structure. A 20 wt% aqueous solution of II formed cubic bicontinuous phases, even upon addition of divinyl benzene (DVB). Polymerization from the cubic phases was attempted without and with DVB (3 wt%). Bicontinuous cubic phases always evolved toward lamellar structures upon polymerization. © 2005 International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

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