Binneaarse radio-isotoop angiografie karotis-kaverneuse fistels

Van Heerden, P. D. R.
Rose Innes, A. P.
Klopper, J. F.
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Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)
The use of intravenous radio isotope angiography in 3 cases of unilateral carotid cavernous sinus fistula is described. The lesion gives a characteristic image pattern distinguishable from that of arteriovenous malformation in this region. An abnormal registration of intense radioactivity is seen in the early phases, accurately localised to the cavernous sinus, with a distinctive sigmoid shaped configuration. Rapid disappearance of this accumulation of isotope follows, accompanied by a paradoxical apparent increase in blood flow to the ipsilateral hemicranium. This is attributed to the massively arterialised venous drainage. This technique of demonstrating the cerebral circulation dynamically is considered a valuable diagnostic supplement to the static scintiscan and to conventional roentgen arteriography in this lesion.
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Intravenous radio-isotope angiography, Carotid-cavernous sinus fistula
Van Heerden, P.D.R., Rose Innes, A.P., & Klopper, J.F. 1975. Intravenous radio isotope angiography in carotid cavernous fistula. SA Medical Journal, 49(14), 586-592,