Chinese involvement in the Senegalese peanut trade : threat to local markets and processing industries

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To deal with household socio-economic difficulties in rural areas in Senegal, peanut cultivation was introduced by French colonial powers at the beginning of the 20th century. The cultivation was to enable Senegal’s domestic agricultural economy to generate revenues and contribute to the development of its agro-processing industries. Over the years, it has become a source of revenue for many families living within the groundnut basins across the country as well as being an important resource for peanut processing industries. In 2010, the liberalisation of the peanut trade in Senegal enabled Senegalese peanut farmers and producers to directly sell to foreign buyers; including the Chinese.
China -- Foreign economic relations, Senegal -- Foreign economic relations, Food industry and trade -- Senegal, Food industry and trade -- China, Economic development -- Social aspects -- China, Economic development -- Social aspects -- Senegal, Peanuts -- Senegal