Midazolam premedication in paediatric anaesthesia

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To investigate the efficacy of midazolam (Dormicum; Roche) as a paediatric premedication, 150 children, aged 6 months - 5 years, were divided into three groups. All three groups spent time with the anaesthetist to allow rapport to be established. Group A received midazolam premedication, group B received oral trimeprazine, droperidol and methadone (TDM) and group C received no sedative medication. Midazolam gave the best behaviour patterns in the holding room. Behaviour at induction was the same in all three groups. The recovery times were similar in the midazolam and unsedated groups, but in the TDM group recovery was significantly delayed. Temperatures remained stable in the unsedated and midazolam groups, but decreased in the TDM group. It is concluded that midazolam is a satisfactory paediatric premedication agent.
CITATION: Payne, K. A. et al. 1986. Midazolam premedication in paediatric anaesthesia. South African Medical Journal, 70:657-659.
The original publication is available at http://www.samj.org.za