Towards a Cleaner Production of an Underutilised Legume, Bambara Groundnut

Soilless cultivation systems such as aeroponics provide a more efficient, and clean food production of in areas where there is limited access to arable land for agricultural practices and drought-prone countries. The objective of this study was to evaluate the yield performance of seventy Bambara groundnut (BGN) landraces cultivated in aeroponics and compared with a traditional drip-irrigated hydroponic system with sawdust as a growing medium. The result showed that BGN landraces cultivated in aeroponics accumulated a high number of seeds, as compared to those landraces cultivated in hydroponics. However, BGN landraces cultivated in hydroponics recorded a high shoot dry weight and one hundred seed weight. The root length that could only be measured in BGN landraces cultivated in the aeroponics systems, showed that BGN root length can extend beyond one meter. Soilless cultivation systems with their high-water use efficiency have the potential of reducing production costs, thus making them accessible to farmers in countries where drought is a reality.
The original publication is available at:
Booysen, MJ et al. 2023. Towards a Cleaner Production of an Underutilised Legume, Bambara Groundnut. Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 7pages