Cellulase production from spent lignocellulose hydrolysates by recombinant aspergillus niger

Alriksson B.
Rose S.H.
Van Zyl W.H.
Sjode A.
Nilvebrant N.-O.
Jonsson L.J.
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A recombinant Aspergillus niger strain expressing the Hypocrea jecorina endoglucanase Cel7B was grown on spent hydrolysates (stillage) from sugarcane bagasse and spruce wood. The spent hydrolysates served as excellent growth media for the Cel7B-producing strain, A. niger D15[egI], which displayed higher endoglucanase activities in the spent hydrolysates than in standard medium with a comparable monosaccharide content (e.g., 2,100 nkat/ml in spent bagasse hydrolysate compared to 480 nkat/ml in standard glucose-based medium). In addition, A. niger D15[egI] was also able to consume or convert other lignocellulose-derived compounds, such as acetic acid, furan aldehydes, and phenolic compounds, which are recognized as inhibitors of yeast during ethanolic fermentation. The results indicate that enzymes can be produced from the stillage stream as a high-value coproduct in secondgeneration bioethanol plants in a way that also facilitates recirculation of process water. Copyright © 2009, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved.
Aspergillus niger, Bio ethanols, Cellulase productions, Coproduct, Endo-glucanase, Ethanolic fermentations, Growth medias, Hypocrea, Lignocellulose hydrolysates, Niger, Phenolic compounds, Process waters, Re circulations, Spruce woods, Stillage, Sugar cane bagasse, Aldehydes, Bagasse, Biochemical engineering, Cellulose, Ethanol, Glucose, Phenols, Lignin, acetic acid, aldehyde, bagasse, cellulase, furan derivative, glucan synthase, glucose, lignocellulose, monosaccharide, phenol derivative, protein hydrolysate, water, enzyme activity, fungus, gene expression, inhibition, recombination, sugar, yeast, article, Aspergillus niger, comparative study, enzyme activity, enzyme synthesis, fermentation, fungus growth, nonhuman, Acetic Acid, Aspergillus niger, Cellulase, Furans, Hypocrea, Lignin, Phenols, Recombinant proteins, Aldehydes, Bagasse, Biochemistry, Cellulose, Ethanol, Fermentation, Glucose, Lignins, Phenols, Yeasts, Aspergillus niger, Hypocrea jecorina, Picea
Applied and Environmental Microbiology