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  • Identification of broadly neutralizing antibody epitopes in the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein using evolutionary models 

    Lacerda, Miguel; Moore, Penny L.; Ngandu, Nobubelo K.; Seaman, Michael; Gray, Elin S.; Murrell, Ben; Krishnamoorthy, Mohan; Nonyane, Molati; Madiga, Maphuti; Wibmer, Constantinos K.; Sheward, Daniel; Bailer, Robert T.; Gao, Hongmei; Greene, Kelli M.; Karim, Salim S. A.; Mascola, John R.; Korber, Bette T. M.; Montefiori, David C.; Morris, Lynn; Williamson, Carolyn; Seoighe, Cathal; the CAVD-NSDP Consortium (BioMed Central, 2013-12-02)
    Background Identification of the epitopes targeted by antibodies that can neutralize diverse HIV-1 strains can provide important clues for the design of a preventative vaccine. Methods We ...