Recent Submissions

  • An assessment of algorithms for deriving failure deterministic finite automata 

    Nxumalo, Madoda; Kourie, Derrick G.; Cleophas, Loek; Watson, Bruce W. (South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists, 2017)
    Failure deterministic finite automata (FDFAs) represent regular languages more compactly than deterministic finite automata (DFAs). Four algorithms that convert arbitrary DFAs to language-equivalent FDFAs are empirically ...
  • Identification of broadly neutralizing antibody epitopes in the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein using evolutionary models 

    Lacerda, Miguel; Moore, Penny L.; Ngandu, Nobubelo K.; Seaman, Michael; Gray, Elin S.; Murrell, Ben; Krishnamoorthy, Mohan; Nonyane, Molati; Madiga, Maphuti; Wibmer, Constantinos K.; Sheward, Daniel; Bailer, Robert T.; Gao, Hongmei; Greene, Kelli M.; Karim, Salim S. A.; Mascola, John R.; Korber, Bette T. M.; Montefiori, David C.; Morris, Lynn; Williamson, Carolyn; Seoighe, Cathal; the CAVD-NSDP Consortium (BioMed Central, 2013-12-02)
    Background Identification of the epitopes targeted by antibodies that can neutralize diverse HIV-1 strains can provide important clues for the design of a preventative vaccine. Methods We ...