Mono- en dikernige karbeenkomplekse van Mn(I) en W(O)

Neveling, Arno (1999-12)

Thesis (M.Sc.) -- University of Stellenbosch, 1999.


ENGLISH SUMMARY: In the first part of this thesis zirconocene complexes with anionic Mn(I) and W(O) Fischer-type carbene complexes as ligands are described. The catalytic activity of the zirconocene W(O) carbene complex was tested as well. The second section of this study comprises a report on novel thiazolinylidene complexes of Mn(I), prepared via protonation or alkylation from thiazolyl complexes.

AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: In die eerste deel van hierdie verhandeling word die bereiding van anioniese Fischer-tipe wolfram(O)- en mangaan(I)karbeenkomplekse as ligande vir sirkoniumverbindings beskryf. Die aldus gevormde sirkonium-W(O)karbeenkompleks se katalitiese aktiwiteit is ondersoek. Die tweede deel bevat 'n beskrywing van nuwe tiasolinilideenkomplekse van Mn(I) wat via alkilering of protonering van tiasolielkomplekse berei is.

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