Recent Submissions

  • Karoo research update : progress, gaps and threats 

    Hoffman, Michael T.; Cowling, Richard M.; Petersen, Hana; Walker, Cherryl (ASSAf, 2021-01-29)
    It has been more than three decades since the conclusion of the Karoo Biome Project (KBP).1 At its height in the late 1980s, the KBP coordinated the efforts of nearly 100 research projects across a range of mainly ...
  • Building resilience: the gendered effect of climate change on food security and sovereignty in Kakamega Kenya 

    Liru, Pauline; Heinecken, Lindy (MDPI, 2021)
    Climate change is a global threat, affecting the food security and food sovereignty of many depending on agriculture for their livelihoods. This is even more pronounced in Kenya, given their over-reliance on rain-fed ...
  • Liquid violence : the politics of water responsibilisation and dispossession in South Africa 

    Marcatelli, Michela; Buscher, Bram (Water Alternatives Network, 2019)
    This article introduces the notion of liquid violence to explain structural and racialised water inequality in contemporary South Africa. Investigating the Waterberg region in Limpopo Province from a water perspective ...
  • Households, fluidity, and HIV service delivery in Zambia and South Africa – an exploratory analysis of longitudinal qualitative data from the HPTN 071 (PopART) trial 

    Hoddinott, Graeme; Myburgh, Hanlie; De Villiers, Laing; Ndubani, Rhoda; Mantantana, Jabulile; Thomas, Angelique; Mbewe, Madalitso; Ayles, Helen; Bock, Peter; Seeley, Janet; Shanaube, Kwame; Hargreaves, James; Bond, Virginia; Reynolds, Lindsey (Wiley Open Access, 2018)
    Introduction: Population distributions, family and household compositions, and people’s sense of belonging and social stability in southern Africa have been shaped by tumultuous, continuing large-scale historical disruptions. ...
  • Women and renewable energy in a South African community : exploring energy poverty and environmental racism 

    Fakier, Khayaat (Bridgewater State College, 2018)
    This paper argues that the rights of women to be included in decisions about energy use and their experiences with energy use are ignored. Using an eco-feminist perspective this article explores how the rhetoric of ‘renewable ...
  • Power and politics in stakeholder engagement : farm dweller (in)visibility and conversions to game farming in South Africa 

    Brandt, Femke; Josefsson, Jenny; Spierenburg, Marja (Resilience Alliance, 2018)
    Here, we discuss tensions inherent in multistakeholder approaches addressing conflicts over natural resources as well as the involvement of stakeholders in research. Our discussion is built on knowledge generated by extensive ...
  • From biopower to ontopower? violent responses to wildlife crime and the new geographies of conservation 

    Buscher, Bram (Medknow Publications, 2018)
    Intensifying global dynamics of wildlife crime are rapidly reshaping conservation politics, practices and geographies. Most pronounced are the manifold violent responses to wildlife crime, including direct lethal action ...
  • Military trade unions : a threat to national security …. Really? 

    Heinecken, Lindy (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Military Science (Military Academy), 2017)
    The opinion piece by Eric Z. Mnisi claiming that national security has been sacrificed at the altar of soldiers’ Constitutional rights to form and join trade unions is a claim often muted, not only in South Africa. In the ...
  • 'Let's see if it won't go away by itself'. LGBT microaggressions among teachers in South Africa 

    Francis, Dennis A.; Reygan, Finn (University of South Africa Press, 2016)
    We explored types and qualities of microaggressions or subtle forms of discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people among teachers in South Africa. For data collection, we used in-depth ...
  • Working-class high school learners' challenge to change : insights from the equal education movement in South Africa 

    Robins, Steven Lance; Fleisch, Brahm (University of South Africa Press, 2016)
    Hargreaves (2002) suggested that vigorous social movements have the potential to improve the quality of (and increase the equity in) public education. This paper explores the role of Equal Education, an education social ...
  • Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society : knowledge for sustainable stewardship of social-ecological systems 

    Norstrom, Albert V.; Balvanera, Patricia; Spierenburg, Marja; Bouamrane, Meriem (Resilience Alliance, 2017)
    No abstract available
  • Key features for more successful place-based sustainability research on social-ecological systems : a Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS) perspective 

    Balvanera, Patricia; Daw, Tim M.; Gardner, Toby A.; Martin-Lopez, Berta; Norstrom, Albert V.; Speranza, Chinwe Ifejika; Spierenburg, Marja; Bennett, Elena M.; Farfan, Michelle; Hamann, Maike; Kittinger, John N.; Luthe, Tobias; Maass, Manuel; Peterson, Garry D.; Perez-Verdin, Gustavo (Resilience Alliance, 2017)
    The emerging discipline of sustainability science is focused explicitly on the dynamic interactions between nature and society and is committed to research that spans multiple scales and can support transitions toward ...
  • Reading Zimbabwe's structural and political violence through the trope of the unnameable and unnamed in Brian Chikwava’s Harare North 

    Siziba, Gugulethu (AOSIS Publishing, 2017-02-24)
    This article reads Zimbabwe’s structural and physical violence which extends to the country’s diaspora through Brian Chikwava’s novel Harare North (2009). The central argument the article makes is that the unnamed narrator ...
  • A comparative analysis of passive constructions in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa : Grammar and acquisition 

    Potgieter, Anneke Perold (Stellenbosch University, Department of Linguistics, 2017)
    Whilst literature on the acquisition of passive constructions by speakers of European languages abounds, there is a dearth of grammatical descriptions of passive constructions in (especially South) African languages that ...
  • The rehabilitation of incarcerated child offenders : challenges faced by social welfare officers in Zambia 

    Muyobela, Tamara Aggie; Strydom, Marianne (Stellenbosch University, Department of Social Work, 2017)
    A large number of children worldwide are detained. Social workers are rendering services to these children with the aim of rehabilitating them and reducing recidivism. This study aimed to identify the challenges experienced ...
  • From the ocean to outer space – and almost everything in between 

    Hart, Tim G. B. (Academy of Science of South Africa, 2016)
    No abstract available
  • 'I don’t want to go back to the farm' : a case study of Working for Water beneficiaries 

    Hough, Jan A.; Prozesky, Heidi E. (Academy of Science of South Africa, 2013-09-20)
    In addition to clearing invasive alien plants, the Working for Water (WfW) Programme, as a South African government public works programme, provides short-term employment and training to empower the poor in finding alternative ...
  • A review of methodological trends in South African sociology, 1990–2009 

    Basson, Isabel; Prozesky, Heidi Eileen (Taylor & Francis, 2015-11-26)
    This article reviews the research methods and methodologies employed by South African sociological researchers when conducting research, as published in academic peer-reviewed journals during the period of 1990 to 2009. ...
  • Proceedings of the 4th World Conference on Research Integrity 

    O’Brien, Susan Patricia; Chan, Danny; Leung, Frederick; Ko, Eun Jung; Kwak, Jin Sun; Gwon, TaeHwan; Lee, Ji Min; Lee, Min-Ho; Nolte, Helga; Gommel, Michael; Sponholz, Gerlinde; Krastev, Yordanka; Sandiran, Yamini; Connell, Julia; Solomon, Nicky; Krasovec, Ursa Opara; Sribar, Renata; Martinson, Brian C.; Thrush, Carol R.; Gunsalus, C. K.; Oransky, Ivan; Marcus, Adam; Graf, Chris; Warne, Verity; Wates, Edward; Joshua, Sue; Roig, Miguel; Mumford, Michael; Deschenes, Mylene; Olivier, Catherine; Dupras-Leduc, Raphaelle; Hammatt, Zoe; Tamot, Raju; Parker, Robin; Ricard, Cynthia; Nguyen-Khoa, Loc; Titus, Sandra; Jensen, Karsten K.; Godecharle, Simon; Nemery, Ben; Dierickx, Kris; Gjerris, Mickey; Eriksen, Marion Laird; Hoej, Jeppe B.; Steneck, Nicholas H.; Nebeker, Camille; Kalichman, Michael; Booen, Elizabeth Mejia; Pacheco, Blanca A; Giacinto, Rebeca Espinosa; Castaneda, Sheila; Li, Ding; Chen, Qiong; Zhu, Guoli; Sun, Zhonghe; Abbasi, Badaruudin; Ganguly, Parthasarathi; Ganguly, Barna; Bonn, Noemie Aubert; Dierickx, Kris; Godecharle, Simon; Bourcier, Daniele; Borde, Jacques; Leduc, Michele; Chou, Chien; Pan, Sophia Jui-An; Tiefenauer, LouisXaver; Barr, Daniel; Taylor, Paul; Horn, Lyn Margaret; Poff, Deborah; Mavrinac, Martina; Brumini, Gordana; Petrovecki, Mladen; Santos, Christiane Coelho; Vasconcelos, Sonia; Lammey, Rachael; Hartgerink, Chris; Van Assen, Marcel; Wicherts, Jelte; Hauge, Hanne Silje; Manka, Aaron; Iturrizaga, Raffael; Foeger, Nicole; Lescano, A. R; Lanata, Claudio; Vasquez, Gissella; Mariana, Leguia; Silva, Marita; Kasper, Mathew; Montero, Claudia; Bausch, Daniel; Lescano, Andres G.; Blom, Fenneke; Bouter, Lex; Lategan, Laetus O. K.; Manaia, Gustavo F.; McCormack, Wayne T.; Allen, William L.; Connelly, Shane; Crites, Joshua; Engler, Jeffrey; Freedman, Victoria; Garvan, Cynthia W.; Haidet, Paul; Hockensmith, Joel; McElroy, William; Sander, Erik; Volpe, Rebecca; Verderame, Michael F.; Krstic, Snezana; Handy, Louise; Schaller-Demers, Debra; Taylor, Paul; Barr, Daniel; Lerouge, Inge; Cielen, Gerard; Schoofs, Liliane; Marusic, Ana; Squazzoni, Flaminio; Vaux, David; Al-Wazzan, Khalid; Alorainy, Ibrahim; Graf, Chris; Warne, Verity; O’Brien, Nolan; Guerin, Suzanne; Dodd, Philip; Wells, Frank; Blewett, Catherine; Litto, Fredric M.; De Lecuona, Itziar; Lofstrom, Erika; Maes, Katrien; Dierickx, Kris; Bonn, Noemie; Godecharle, Simon; Peatfield, Tony; Boehme, Olivier; Caporale, Cinzia; Fanelli, Daniele; Carfora, John; Strauss, Eric; Lynn, William; De Bruyn, Dieter; Nele, Bracke; De Gelder, Katrien; Van Der Burght, Stefanie; e Silva, Jose R. L.; Vasconcelos, Sonia M. R.; Ingierd, Helene; Frankel, Mark; Vasgird, Daniel; Bird, Stephanie; Yarborough, Mark; Alorainy, Ibrahim; Al-Wazzan, Khalid; Garner, Harold; Campo-Engelstein, Lisa; Master, Zubin; Smith, Elise; Resnik, David; Williams-Jones, Bryn; Malicki, Mario; Utrobicic, Ana; Marusic, Ana; Fanelli, Daniele; Ioannidis, John P. A.; Ter Riet, Gerben; Walley, Tom; Bouter, Lex M.; Van der Steen, Jenny; Bouter, Lex; Vasconcelos, Sonia; Sorenson, Martha; Prosdocimi, Francisco; Masuda, Hatisaburo; Watanabe, Edson; Pinto, Jose C.; Palacios, Marisa; e Silva, Jose L.; Leta, Jacqueline; Vieyra, Adalberto; Pinto, Andre; Sant’Ana, Mauricio; Shinkai, Rosemary; Yudin, Boris; Verges, Etienne; Brun-Wauthier, Anne-Sophie; Vial, Geraldine; Vinther, Torkild; Bahr, Volker; Kalichman, Michael; Plemmons, Dena; Davies, Rebecca L.; Laube, Katrina; Scheopner, Cynthia; Galland, John; Maisonneuve, Herve; Decullier, Evelyne; Noble, Brian; Gilis, Anja; Gallacher, David J.; Lavrijssen, Tom; David, Malwitz; Dasgupta, Malini; Mols, Hans; Savard, Tony; Mah, Eric; Wager, Elizabeth; Kleinert, Sabine; Kiermer, Veronique; Hufton, Andrew; Clyne, Melanie; Vasconcelos, Sonia; Almeida, Renan M.; Fontes-Pereira, Aldo; Catelani, Fernanda; Rocha, Karina; Iorns, Elizabeth; Gunn, William; Leduc, Michele; Letellier, Lucienne; Malherbe, Cornelia; Kamata, Takehito; Enebakk, Vidar; Penrod, Lynn; Nørgaard, Thomas; Elverdam, Charlotte; Fassin, Yves; Fekken, Cynthia; Adam, Jamal; Anderson, Melissa S.; Wicherts, Jelte; Buttliere, Brett; Groves, Trish; Shanahan, Daniel; Simera, Iveta; Kirtley, Shona; Villanueva, Eleana; Struthers, Caroline; MacCarthy, Angela; Altman, Douglas; Grebenshchikova, Elena; Greene, Bronwyn; Rohr, Ted; Simera, Iveta; Shanahan, Daniel; Harriman, Stephanie; Groves, Trish; Struthers, Caroline; Varantola, Krista; Nolte, Helga; Opara, Ursa; Vinther, Torkild; Wager, Elizabeth; Nørgaard, Thomas; Rokne, Jon; Setti, Gianluca; MacPherson, Gordon; Hazelkorn, Ellen; Smith, Carthage; McLaughlin, Robert H.; Martins, Tatiana D.; Tanimoto, Tetsuya; Steneck, Nicholas; Fanelli, Daniele; Kalleberg, Ragnvald; Hussein, Tajammul; Sun, Ping; Tzeng, Ovid; Varantola, Krista; Zimmerman, Susan; Shinkai, Rosemary; Lescano, Roxana; Heitman, Elizabeth; Nieto, Maria Andrea Rocio del Pilar Contreras; Alorainy, Ibrahim; Al-Wazzan, Khalid; Chou, Chien; Pan, Sophia J.; Fong, Eric; Wilhite, Al; Groves, Trish; Motta-Roth, Desiree; Tijdink, Joeri; Smulders, Yvo; Lategan, Laetus O. K.; Mumford, Michael; Steele, Logan; Watts, Logan; Johnson, James; Connelly, Shane; Williams, Lee; Ter Riet, Gerben; Amini, Sufia; Hooft, Lotty; Kilicoglu, Halil; Van Seters, Janneke; Eijsackers, Herman; Voragen, Fons; Van der Zijpp, Akke; Brom, Frans; Abbasi, Badaruddin; Almasoud, Naif N.; Labuschagne, Adri; Severinsen, Johanne; Engh, Espen; Alani, Daham I.; Jusoff, H. J. Kamaruzaman; Gordon, Anita; Harton, Helen C.; De Bruyn, Dieter; Van Der Burght, Stefanie; Rocha, Karina de Albuquerque; De Vasconcelos, Sonia M. R.; Matandika, Limbanazo; Prata, Aline Carolina de Oliveira Machado; Neff, Mark W.; Fanelli, Daniele; Costas, Rodrigo; Lariviere, Vincent; Filho, Douglas L. G.; Guedes, Diego O.; Bahr, Volker; Keller, Niklas; Feufel, Markus; Offenhauser, Nikolas; Kowalczuk, Maria K.; Moylan, Elizabeth C.; Speanburg, Katie; Dasgupta, Malini; Lubomirski, Mariusz; Lavrijssen, Tom; Malwitz, David; Gallacher, David; Gillis, Anja; Marques, Maria Betania de Freitas; Amâncio, Laressa L.; Fernandes, Raphaela D.; Patrocinio, Oliveira; Rech, Claudia M. C. B.; Marques, Maria Betania de Freitas; Rech, Claudia M. C. B.; Sousa, Adriana N.; Garcia, Leila P; Harriman, Stephanie; Patel, Jigisha; Lada, Farida; Di Capua, Giuseppe; Peppoloni, Silvia; DuBois, James M.; Chibnall, John; Van Der Wall, Jillon; DuBois, James M.; Chibnall, John; Van Der Wall, Jillon; Tait, Raymond; Holen, Jacob; Johannessen, Adele F.; Ellefsen, Torunn; Rech, Claudia; Sousa, Adriana; Marques, Maria Betania de Freitas; Peppoloni, Silvia; Di Capua, Giuseppe; Beranzoli, Laura; Beirao, Paulo S. L.; Zimmerman, Susan; Kleinert, Sabine; Marusic, Ana; Anderson, Melissa S.; Bouter, Lex (Biomed CentralPublisher's version, 2016-07)
    These Proceedings contain the abstracts of the presentations given at the 4th World Conference in concurrent sessions, partner symposia, and poster sessions. Also included are summaries of the discussions in three focus ...
  • Health policy and integrated mental health care in the SADC region : strategic clarification using the Rainbow Model 

    Janse Van Rensburg, Andre; Fourie, Pieter (BioMed Central, 2016)
    Background: Mental illness is a well-known challenge to global development, particularly in low-to-middle income countries. A key health systems response to mental illness is different models of integrated health care, ...

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