Gotiese elemente in Francois Bloemhof se debuutroman, Die nag het net een oog

Loots, Maria Johanna
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
In this thesis I examine the Gothic elements in François Bloemof’s debut novel, Die nag het net een oog (1991). There are two reasons this novel can be seen as an exemplary text in Afrikaans: firstly, it contributes to a genre of which there are very few examples in Afrikaans, namely the Gothic novel. Secondly, it leads to a reevaluation of texts of C.J. Langenhoven, C. Louis Leipoldt and Marius Gie (pseudonym of Martha C Gieseke). Apart from a discussion of the Gothic novel in general and specifically Bloemhof’s novel, this thesis also examines his large oeuvre, constant focus on renewal and his position in the Afrikaans literary system. The Gothic novel is generally regarded as a form of popular literature. This aspect, together with the history, function, development and characteristics of the Gothic novel, is also looked at in the thesis in an attempt to contribute to the minimal theoretization on this subject in Afrikaans. Lastly I will discuss the Gothic elements in Bloemhof’ s debut novel. Die nag het net een oog has many of the characteristics of the earlier Gothic novels, but Bloemhof renews them by crossing over conventional boundaries. The heroine being the rescuer instead of the rescuee, is one such example. The study is concluded with short summarizing comments and suggestions for further study.
Thesis (MA (Afrikaans and Dutch))—University of Stellenbosch, 2007.
Bloemhof, Francois -- Nag het net een oog, Bloemhof, Francois -- Criticism and interpretation, Afrikaans literature -- History and criticism, Gothic revival (Literature) -- South Africa, Dissertations -- Afrikaans literature, Theses -- Afrikaans literature