N-(2-Amino-pyridin-3-yl)-4-methyl-N-(4-methyl-phenyl-sulfon-yl) benzene-sulfonamide

Taher A. ; Smith V.J. (2012)


The title compound, C 19H 19N 3O 4S 2, was prepared by the reaction of 2,3-diamino-pyridine with tosyl chloride in a mixture of dichloro-methane-pyridine as solvent. In the crystal, mol-ecules associate via pairs of N-H⋯N hydrogen bonds, forming a centrosymmetric eight-membered {⋯HNCN}2 synthon. The dihedral angles between the amino-pyridine ring and the tosyl benzene rings are 50.01 (6) and 32.01 (4)°.

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