Encapsulated clay particles in polystyrene by RAFT mediated miniemulsion polymerization

Samakande A.
Sanderson R.D.
Hartmann P.C.
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RAFT grafted montmorillonite (MMT) clays [i.e., N,N-dimethyl-N-(4- (((phenylcarbonothioyl)thio)methyl)benzyl)ethanammonium-MMT (PCDBAB-MMT) and N-(4-((((dodecylthio)carbonothioyl)thio)methyl)benzyl)-N,N- dimethylethanammonium-MMT (DCTBAB-MMT)] of various loadings were dispersed in styrene (S) monomer and the resultant mixtures emulsified and sonicated in the presence of a hydrophobe (hexadecane) into miniemulsions. The stable miniemulsions thus obtained were polymerized to yield encapsulated polystyrene-clay nanocomposites (PS-CNs). The molar mass and polydispersity index (PDI) of the PS-CNs depended on the amount of RAFT agent in the system, in accordance with the features of the RAFT process. The morphology of the PS-CNs ranged from partially exfoliated to an intercalated morphology, depending on the percentage clay loading. The thermomechanical properties of the PS-CNs were better than those of the neat PS polymer, and were dependent on the molar mass, PS-CN morphology and clay loading. The similarities and differences of the PS-CNs prepared here by miniemulsion polymerization were compared to those prepared using the same RAFT agents and polymer system by bulk polymerization (as reported by us in a previous article). © 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
ABS resins, Agents, Chemical reactions, Emulsification, Free radical polymerization, Loading, Monomers, Nanocomposites, Nanostructured materials, Paraffins, Polydispersity, Polyethylene terephthalates, Polymer matrix composites, Polymerization, Polymers, Polystyrenes, Semiconductor quantum dots, Silicate minerals, Styrene, Bulk polymerizations, Clay loadings, Clay nanocomposites, Clay particles, Dodecylthio, Hexadecane, Mini emulsions, Miniemulsion polymerizations, Molar mass distribution, Montmorillonite clays, Polydispersity indices, Polymer systems, Raft agents, Raft processes, Reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT), Structure-property relationships, Thermo-mechanical properties, Clay minerals
Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry