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    Link‑based approach to study scientific software usage : the case of VOSviewer
    (Springer, 2021-07) Orduna‑Malea, Enrique; Costas, Rodrigo
    Scientific software is a fundamental player in modern science, participating in all stages of scientific knowledge production. Software occasionally supports the development of trivial tasks, while at other instances it determines procedures, methods, protocols, results, or conclusions related with the scientific work. The growing relevance of scientific software as a research product with value of its own has triggered the development of quantitative science studies of scientific software. The main objective of this study is to illustrate a link-based webometric approach to characterize the online mentions to scientific software across different analytical frameworks. To do this, the bibliometric software VOSviewer is used as a case study. Considering VOSviewer’s official website as a baseline, online mentions to this website were counted in three different analytical frameworks: academic literature via Google Scholar (988 mentioning publications), webpages via Majestic (1,330 mentioning websites), and tweets via Twitter (267 mentioning tweets). Google scholar mentions shows how VOSviewer is used as a research resource, whilst mentions in webpages and tweets show the interest on VOSviewer’s website from an informational and a conversational point of view. Results evidence that URL mentions can be used to gather all sorts of online impacts related to non-traditional research objects, like software, thus expanding the analytical scientometric toolset by incorporating a novel digital dimension.
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    Localization, regionalization and globalization of university-business research co-operation in the United Kingdom
    (John Wiley & Sons, 2020-03-21) Tijssen, Robert; Van de Klippe, Wouter; Yegros, Alfredo
    This empirical study analyzes university-business co-operation (UBC) from a distance-based perspective. Focusing on the UK's 48 largest research universities, we collected data from author affiliate addresses in 2008–2017 university-business research publications (UBRPs). The spatial proximity between university and its business partners listed in these co-authored research publications concerns three main distance zones: “local” (0–99 km); “regional” (100–499 km); “global” (500 km or more). The annual UBRP trends reveal a tendency towards UBC globalization. Several universities show signs of UBC glocalization, where the numbers of their global UBRPs have increased more rapidly than local UBRPs. Four common factors largely determine the UBRP quantities, irrespective of the zone: business sector R&D-intensity in the university's local geographical area; university's research size; university's high-end international citation impact; presence of university researchers with work experience in the business sector.