DFT-based repetitive control of a series active filter integrated with a 12-pulse diode rectifier

Le Roux A.D.
Mouton H.D.T.
Akagi H.
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This paper considers the transient performance and stability of a recurrent DFT-based control method for a series active filter integrated with a 12-pulse diode rectifier. The control method targets specific harmonics and/or the negative sequence fundamental component of the supply current and is intended for use with non-sinusoidal/unbalanced supply voltages. The proposed control method is based on DFTs instead of the dq-method and a simple approach is used to account small frequency variations found in practical power systems. © 2007 IEEE.
Active filters, Discrete Fourier transforms, Electric power systems, Electric rectifiers, Power electronics, Probability density function, Wave filters, Control methods, Diode rectifiers, Frequency variations, Fundamental components, Negative sequences, Power systems, Repetitive Control, Series active filters, Specific harmonics, Supply currents, Supply voltages, Transient performance, Control systems
PESC Record - IEEE Annual Power Electronics Specialists Conference