Integrated, FPGA based power supply for accelerator magnets

Taylor J.
Mouton H.D.T.
Jones T.
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This paper describes the design of a digitally controlled 3.5 kW power supply for a Van de Graaff accelerator analysing magnet. A two-stage high-frequency (48 kHz and 380 kHz) isolated switch-mode topology is used. The control system and pulse-width modulation generator is implemented within a field-programmable gate array. Additionally a feedforward strategy is implemented to greatly reduce output current harmonic content. The power supply output current ranges from 1 A to 15 A through a >1 H, 14.4 Ω load. Special attention is given to accuracy and precision and the theoretical analysis is verified both by simulation and experimentation. © 2007 IEEE.
Electric network analysis, Electric power distribution, Electric power transmission networks, Electric power utilization, Electrostatic accelerators, Field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), Magnets, Modulation, Accuracy and precision, Digitally controlled, Feedforward strategy, Field-programmable gate arrays, High frequencies, Output currents, Power supplies, Pulse-width modulation, Theoretical analysis, Two stages, Power electronics
PESC Record - IEEE Annual Power Electronics Specialists Conference