Providing value-based care as a physiotherapist

Cook, Chad E. ; Denninger, Thomas ; Lewis, Jeremy ; Diener, Ina ; Thigpen, Charles (2021-04-20)

CITATION: Cook, C. E., et al. 2021. Providing value-based care as a physiotherapist. Archives of Physiotherapy, 11:12, doi:10.1186/s40945-021-00107-0.

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Background: Despite millions spent in research funding, studies, and guidelines, outcomes involving musculoskeletal care continue to decline. The purpose of this Viewpoint is to describe value-based care and to suggest measures for its adoption by physiotherapists who manage individuals with musculoskeletal related pain disorders. Discussion: The provision of value-based care is best defined as care that includes: 1) patient centeredness, 2) guideline-oriented, integrated strategies, 3) measurement of patient outcomes and experiences, and 4) cost effectiveness. Physiotherapists are well positioned to be leaders in the application of value-based care by assuring they address each of the four strategies during the daily patient encounter. This Viewpoint discusses strategies for application to clinical practice. Conclusion: By implementing value-based care principals, physiotherapists could assure that patients with musculoskeletal related pain disorders receive the right care at the right time, by the right provider.

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