An adaptation of the Moyers mixed dentition space analysis for a Western Cape Caucasian population.

van der Merwe S.W. ; Rossouw P. ; van Wyk Kotze T.J. ; Trutero H. (1991)


200 dental plaster casts of Western Cape Caucasoid subjects, all of whom were under the age of 21 years, were used in this study. Mesio-distal measurements (MD lengths) were obtained of all the teeth, disregarding the third molars. This data was used to develop regression equations, for maxillary and for mandibular arches, to enable the prediction of the mesio-distal lengths of the canine and two premolars. The study identified the sum of the MD lengths of the permanent lower incisors as the best predictor. It appears that separate predictions for male and female are not warranted. The equations and the predicted values were compared with those of Moyers (1973 and 1988) and some significant differences were found. The Prediction Tables will be useful in analysis of the mixed dentition phase in patients from this population group.

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