Recent Submissions

  • Big Baby, Little Mother: Tsetse Flies Are Exceptions to the Juvenile Small Size Principle 

    Haines, Lee Rafuse; Barreaux, Antoine; Ellstrand, Norman; Vale, Glyn A (2020-11)
    While across the animal kingdom offspring are born smaller than their parents, notable exceptions exist. Several dipteran species belonging to the Hippoboscoidea superfamily can produce offspring larger than themselves. ...
  • Weight and health status of black female students 

    Steyn, N. P.; Senekal, M.; Brits, S.; Alberts, M.; Mashego, T.; Nel, J. H. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2000)
    Objective. To examine black female students for the occurrence of risk factors associated with chronic diseases of lifestyle, namely obesity, hypertension, nicotine usage, dyslipidaemia and compromised mental health ...