Recent Submissions

  • The Prince Edward Islands : land-sea interactions in a changing ecosystem 

    Chown, Steven L.; Froneman, Pierre William (SUN PReSS, 2008)
    Islands are typically studied because of their unusual terrestrial plant and animals life, because they form the breeding grounds for immense colonies of pelagic predators, and because they provide remarkable, ...
  • Frontiers of vegetation science : an evolutionary angle 

    Mucina, L.; Kalwij, J. M.; Smith, V. R.; Chytry, M.; White, P. S.; Cilliers, S. S.; Pillar, V. D.; Zobel, M.; Sun, I-F. (International Association for Vegetation Science, 2008)
    The main focus of the symposium is to seek links between vegetation science and evolutionary biology and the formation of platforms in cooperation between these major scientific fields. The title of our meeting – “Frontiers ...