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    A century of Geography at Stellenbosch University 1920 –2020
    (African Sun Media, 2020) Visser, Gustav; De Waal, Jan
    A Century of Geography at Stellenbosch University 1920-2020 focuses on the establishment and development of geography as an academic discipline at Stellenbosch, South Africa’s founding geography department. The ways in which the department currently operates are deemed fundamentally joined to its past and pave the way for the evolution of geography and its various subdisciplines going forward. The investigation seeks to highlight the development of the discipline and its institutionalisation as part of the academic offerings of the university, while providing details about the teaching and research conducted, as well as of the people who contributed to these endeavours. It also furnishes the academic geography community at Stellenbosch, and geography more broadly, with some insights into its past development and more recent changes, along with a complete bibliography of conducted research.
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    Spatialities of urban change: Selected themes from Bloemfontein at the beginning of the 21st century
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2008) Marais, Lochner; Visser, Gustav
    It is against a post-colonial backdrop that the collection of essays assembled in this book aims to make a contribution to understanding the realities of urban centres which feature less frequently in the academic press. The research reported in this collection echoes and highlights many of the themes found in both urban theory derived from the realities of many 'world cities', and the challenges remarked upon in development theory seen in much of the work focused on South Africa's main metropolitan regions.