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    The epistemology of statistical science
    (SUN PReSS, 2009) Van Aarde, Mauritz
    BOOK BLURB: In this book four different schools of inference, namely, frequentist, Bayesian, likelihood and fiducial are introduced and then with appropriate examples and discussions, the gaps and holes in the traditional sense of inferences are exposed. The author goes back deep into the literature, exploring views and fallacies introduced by outstanding scientists and statisticians. The author proposes a coordination test of any model posted for a given (observed) data set. A coordination test is a calculable ordered number triplet, whose three members are statistical coordinates. Various appropriate examples are given in each chapter where the traditional analysis and inference are applied, and then the statistical coordinates are calculated for each example. After each example the shortfalls, gaps and holes in the traditional methods are discussed.
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    Guidelines for the harvesting & processing of wild game in Namibia 2016
    (Republic of Namibia, Ministry of Environment & Tourism, 2016) Van Schalkwyk, Diana L.; Hoffman, Louwrens C.
    The wildlife industry in Namibia has shown tremendous growth over the past decades and is currently the only extensive animal production system within the country that is expanding. Several factors are responsible for the dramatic increase in wildlife in range and numbers across Namibia with the most important being the devolution of rights over wildlife by the state to freehold landowners and communal conservancies. Tourism, live sales and trophy hunting have significantly contributed to the tremendous growth, however they cannot alone sustain further growth. Harvesting wildlife for the purpose of meat production is a viable option, since there is a demand for healthy and high quality meat proteins to feed the ever-increasing world population. It is also predicted that Namibia will experience climate changes in the near future which will further necessitate the optimal management of wildlife herds. The need to hygienically harvest game spearheaded the writing of this guideline booklet with the intention of it being used by Namibian game farmers and game harvesting teams. However, this booklet is a guideline and hence does not replace any regulatory food laws with regards to the harvesting and processing of game for commercial meat production.