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    Higher education in South Africa : a scholarly look behind the scenes
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2009) Bitzer, Eli
    BOOK BLURB: A most stimulating collection of articles on the current state of South African higher education and of scholarly inquiry into key issues of higher education in South Africa, as well as in other parts of the world. There is a considerable richness of ideas, findings, reflections and analyses which should make the book very relevant to informing and inspiring much of the current debate about higher education in South Africa and about priorities in further research on higher education. The coverage of pertinent issues is broad and encompassing, if understandably not altogether complete; it ranges from questions of policy and epistemology to matters of curriculum, governance and professional development, and to frontiers and agendas for further research; one would have wished for more attention to issues of financing and of the relationship between universities and the state, especially as regards university autonomy. While the analyses are competently cognisant of the literature and scholarly debates in higher education internationally, they remain focused on the particular problems of South African higher education and its further development.
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    Discerning God’s justice in church, society and academy: Festschrift for Jaap Durand
    (SUN PReSS, 2009) Conradie, Ernst; Lombard, Christo
    Professor Jaap Durand, former professor of Systematic Theology and Vice-Rector of the University of the Western Cape, celebrated his 75th birthday on 5 June 2009. For this occasion we wish to honour him with this Festschrift. We do need to say a word about the limited scope of this Festschrift. For the sake of coherence we opted to honour Jaap Durand’s legacy from the perspective of Christian theology only, even though his own work extends much wider than that.
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    Higher Education for the Public Good: Views from the South
    (Trentham Books, 2012) Leibowitz, Brenda
    BOOK BLURB: Higher education contributes to the public good in many ways. This book argues for transformational and reflexive approach that takes full account of the nature of the university, its practices and programmes. The authors of this inspiring collection discuss philosophical approaches and present empirical and practical ideas for teaching and learning at university for the public good. Four major aspects of transforming universities are explored: the purpose and ethos of the university; its conception of graduate attributes; the way prgrammes and teaching are delivered; and the institution's approach to academics and their professional development. This book will be indispensable to all universities who are evaluating their own principles and practices.
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    Focus on first-year success: Perspectives emerging from South Africa and beyond
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2009) Leibowitz, Brenda; Van der Merwe, Antoinette; Van Schalkwyk, Susan
    BOOK BLURB: The importance of the first-year experience is now well recognised. This collection of papers makes a fascinating and important contribution to our understanding of students’ transition to higher education. This is a scholarly, engaging and illuminating text, that is relevant not only in the context of South Africa, but for anyone interested in student learning in the first year of university education.
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    Curriculum inquiry in South African Higher Education: some scholarly affirmations and challenges
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2011) Bitzer, Eli; Botha, Nonnie
    BOOK BLURB: In looking at the construction of curriculum from a trans- and multidisciplinary perspective at the higher education level, this book initiates and supports the issues of curriculum design and purposes, escpecially in fields outside the discipline of educational studies.