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    Timing grace : reflections on the temporality of preaching
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2019) Cilliers, Johan
    In this companion volume to A Space for Grace, Johan Cilliers delves into some of the most profound theological underpinnings of preaching. Drawing on his extraordinary depth and breadth of scholarship, Cilliers examines the aesthetic, qualitative, and relational dimensions of sermonic time. Faithful preaching, he argues, is an art of speaking the now of grace, which is inextricably linked to past and future, but is simultaneously a dynamic event filled with the revelatory presence of God. Along with helpful reflections on pieces of visual art, Cilliers provides numerous sample sermons, as well as several detailed sermon analyses.
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    Interdisciplinary reflections on the interplay between religion, film and youth
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2019) Cloete, Anita
    The relationship between the media and religion in a contemporary world is not only obvious, but also complex. In a culture that increasingly focuses on visual media, film plays a salient role in forging notions of identity and creates a sense of community in younger generations. In this book, an interdisciplinary team of scholars delve deep into the relationship amongst younger individuals from different countries, universities and disciplines, as well the influence of film on their developing worldview. The publication ultimately portrays the media as an agent of cultural and religious change, underscoring the necessity of critical, contextual and interdisciplinary reflection on the interplay between the media and religion.
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    Preaching promise within the paradoxes of life
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2018) Cilliers, Johan; Hansen, Len
    Paradoxes have become characteristic of the world we live in – poverty and privilege, empire and oppression, migration and enclaveseeking, war and peace, justice and injustice, reconciliation and revenge. During the 2016 Societas Homiletica annual conference held in South Africa, these paradoxes served as a rediscovery of the calling of preachers to deliver the promise that lies within life’s contradictions. A divine promise brought forth by the grace of God and the gospel of Christ – embodied in and through us by the Spirit of Christ. This promise may take many forms and calls for discernment and often interrupts the status quos in surprising, shocking ways. It is a promise that interrupts, in order to comfort.
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    Resistance to and acquiescence in apartheid : St. Paul's Theological College, Grahamstown, 1965-92
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2018) Mbaya, Henry Hastings
    This book documents the history of a major Provincial Anglican theological college in Grahamstown – St. Paul’s Theological College – that existed against the backdrop of colonialism and apartheid. The author fundamentally attempts to explore a narrative of certain socio-economic, cultural and political struggles. He contextualises the mission of the Church in theological education during a period of deeply rooted inequality. Thus, one is left to ask the question: What missionary role did St. Paul’s College play in the context of apartheid.
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    The restoration of the dry bones in Ezekiel 37:1-14 : an exegetical and theological analysis
    (Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Theology, 2019) Biwul, Joel Kamsen Tihitshak
    The visionary presentation of "Dry Bones" in Ezekiel 37 presupposes the possibility of the restoration of Yahweh’s covenant people to their ancestral land in ancient Palestine. What, therefore, is the underpinning theological significance? Using an exegetical and theological analysis, this article argues that the Babylonian captivity had a divine retributive and punitive purpose for a dissident covenant people, and, ultimately, achieved the recognition of the prophetic formula in Ezekiel. It concludes that only Yahweh, acting in his divine economy, and through his divine method, reserved the prerogative to reverse the unfortunate exilic condition of Israel. Bewildered and pessimistic readers should therefore acknowledge the display of this unitary divine sovereignty.