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    Rabadia Ratšhatšha : studies in African language literature, linguistics, translation and lexicography
    (SUN PReSS, 2007) Mojalefa, Mawatle Jerry
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: After forty years in academia, P.S. Groenwald leaves a rich heritage, which is measured not only in terms of his impressive list of publications, but also in terms of those for whom he was the academic mentor. His versatility as academic is reflected in the variety of specialist fields in which his former students find themselves. Experts in literature and linguistics, lexicographers and translators all found their niches under his tutelage.
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    Language science and language technology in Africa: A festschrift for Justus C. Roux
    (SUN MeDIA, 2012) Ndinga-Koumba-Binza, Hugues Steve; Bosch, Sonja E.
    BOOK BLURB: This book provides a broad overview of current work on South African languages, language resources and language technologies. While it provides a fairly comprehensive overview, it also ties together the most recent knowledge state here, and is therefore truly innovative … The book is therefore informed by current international trends in the respective fields of science, and feeds back into them … There is absolutely no doubt that the book has an academic peer audience and is directed at specialists in the field.