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    The philosophy of public administration - a holistic approach : an introduction for undergraduate students
    (SUN PRESS, 2004) Gildenhuys, J. S. H .
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : Book blurb: The philosophy of public administration covers all aspects of the process of public administration as an instument of serving the public. It does so by providing a complete framework for studying the subject and evabling students to understand the complexities of public administration in a holistic context. A particular merit of this work is its generalised approach. By laying a sound philosophical foundation of the basic principles and values it facilitates excellence in all the varied circumstances a professionl public administrator may encounter in practice. Featuring a series of possible examination questions on each chapter, this is a text book for undergraduates and first-year students in postgraduate MPA programmes.
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    Strategic management support technologies in the public sector
    (SUN ePRESS, 2003) Cloete, Fanie
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : This report summarises the need for and potential applications of selected user-friendly, state-of-the art, electronic policy support tools to promote more successful strategic policy management in the public sector.
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    Local government finance : a comparative study
    (SUN MeDIA Stellenbosch, 2016) Brand, Dirk
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : Introduction: In a multi-sphere system of government, such as the constitutional system in South Africa which is characterised by cooperative government, effective financial intergovernmental relations are essential for the effective functioning of the whole constitutional system. Financial constitutional law inter alia includes the actual allocation of functions and financial resources to the three spheres of government, equalisation measures, policy issues relating to financial intergovernmental relations, as well as governance issues. After two decades of constitutional democracy in South Africa, various aspects of the financial intergovernmental relations system are in the spotlight. Annual reports from the Auditor-General, regular newspaper reports and political debates in different legislatures confirm the bad state of affairs in many municipalities, various provinces and national government departments. It is in local government in particular that the consequences of a range of problems relating to the finances of municipalities are often quite visible since it translates into bad or no service delivery. This publication is thus focused on the local government finance model, but reference will also be made to the rest of the system of financial intergovernmental relations where relevant.
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    Ethics and professionalism : the battle against public corruption
    (SUN PRESS, 2004) Gildenhuys, J. S. H.
    ENGLISH SUMMARY : Book blurb: Immoral, unethical conduct of politicians and public officials is a grobal scourge of the present day. The South African Government is leading the battle against corruption in the public sector, and it must be supported by officials educated to recognise, and enabled to combat, every appearance of this pestilence. Ethics and proffesionslism is essential equipment for such education. Having been constructed on the principles of knowledge progession and outcome based education, it sets out explaining the meaning of ethics and its importance for public officials. It then examines secular and religious moral values before addressng the phenomenon of corruption. Equipped with knowledge of the latter, the reader may then progress to strategies to counter corruption, studying bills of human rights and ethical codes of conduct. Aiming at the outcome of professional public managers with integrity, the book next inspects various public service models before discussing the need for professionalising the vocation of public management. A brief investigation of how corruption is being fought worldwide and in South Africa concludes the work.