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    Defence diplomacy & national security strategy : views from the global south
    (African Sun Media, 2020) Liebenberg, Ian; Kruijt, Dirk; Paranjpe, Shrikant
    The post-cold war era presented security challenges that at one level are a continuation of the cold war era; at another level, these phenomena manifested in new forms. Whether the issues of economics and trade, transfer of technologies, challenges of intervention, or humanitarian crisis, the countries of the South (previously pejoratively labelled “Third World” or “developing” countries) have continued to address these challenges within the framework of their capabilities and concerns. The volume explores defence diplomacies, national security challenges and strategies, dynamics of diplomatic manoeuvers and strategic resource management of Latin American, southern African and Asian countries.
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    In different times : the war of Southern Africa, 1966-1989
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2019) Van der Waag, I. J.; Grundlingh, A. M.
    This is the first attempt to bring together diverse scholars, using different lenses, to study South Africa’s Border War. As a book, it is critical in approach, provides deeper reflection, and focuses specifically on the SADF experience of the war. The result is a more complex picture of the war’s dynamics and its legacies. Although South Africa is a vastly different country today, the study of the Border War opens a range of questions, also relevant to contemporary deployments such as in Lesotho (1998) and the Central African Republic (2013). It includes the debate on participation in foreign conflicts; on the deployment, design and preparation of appropriate, modern armed forces and their use as foreign policy instruments in far‑off theatres; on military planning; and, as the historical controversies regarding the battles at Cuito Cuanavale and Bangui illustrate, on the interface between foreign campaigning and domestic politics.
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    African military geosciences : military history and the physical environment
    (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2018) Bezuidenhout, Jacques; Van der Waag, Ian
    This eight-chapter volume, African Military Geosciences: Military History and the Physical Environment, is a tour-de-force covering nearly 500 years of African military geosciences. It is a truly global book that reveals keen insights into regional, national and international military-forces activities centered in Africa and how the understanding of geosciences plays important roles. It is written for the specialist, but also attractive to the general military buff – well referenced and illustrated with figures from primary sources, historical catalogues and compendia. The publication explores the “age of sail”, harbour defenses, the trafficability of desert environments and marshes, as well as climate controls on sailing or land battles. There is even insight into an elite artillery unit staffed by women during Second World War – essentially covering the whole gamut. Ultimately, the reader explores a nearly 500-year journey around the African continent and beyond.