Recent Submissions

  • The utility of Xpert MTB/RIF performed on bronchial washings obtained in patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis in a high prevalence setting 

    Barnard, Dewald A.; Irusen, Elvis M.; Bruwer, Johannes W.; Plekker, Dante; Whitelaw, Andrew C.; Deetlefs, Jacobus D.; Koegelenberg, Coenraad F. N. (BioMed Central, 2015-09)
    Background: Xpert MTB/RIF has been shown to have a superior sensitivity to microscopy for acid fast bacilli (AFB) in sputum and has been recommended as a standard first line investigation for pulmonary tuberculosis ...

  • Adenocarcinoma the most common cell type in patients presenting with primary lung cancer in the Western Cape 

    Koegelenberg, Coenraad F. N.; Aubeelack, Kushroo; Nanguzgambo, Aldoph B.; Irusen, Elvis M.; Mowlana, Abdurasiet; Von Groote-Bidlingmaier, Florian; Bolliger, Chris T. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2011-05)
    Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide for men and women, causing approximately 1.2 million deaths per year. The absolute and relative frequencies of lung cancer have risen dramatically ...

  • The pharmacokinetics of enteral antituberculosis drugs in patients requiring intensive care 

    Koegelenberg, C. F. N.; Nortje, A.; Lalla, U.; Enslin, A.; Irusen, E. M.; Rosenkranz, B.; Seifart, H. I.; Bolliger, C. T. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2013-06)
    Background. There is a paucity of data on the pharmacokinetics of fixed-dose combination enteral antituberculosis treatment in critically ill patients. Objectives. To establish the pharmacokinetic profile of a fixed-dose ...

  • The non-pharmacological management of COPD is a neglected area in the treatment of respiratory diseases 

    Irusen, E. M.; Plekker, D. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2009-04)
    An almost uniformly neglected area of respiratory disease management is the non-pharmacological component. Most patients with chronic respiratory illnesses will lose their exercise capacity (deconditioning) as the illness ...

  • Asthma control 

    Irusen, E. M. (Continuing Medical Education, 2008-04)
    The SA Thoracic Society and the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) have recently published updated guidelines to assist practitioners in the management of asthma. The guidelines were based on reports that asthma ...

  • Tricyclic antidepressant overdose necessitating ICU admission 

    Koegelenberg, Coenraad F. N.; Joubert, Zirkia J.; Irusen, Elvis M. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2012-05)
    Tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) overdose necessitating intensive care unit (ICU) admission remains a significant problem in the Western Cape. In this retrospective study, we reviewed the course of life-threatening TCA ...