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  • Proximal fibular resections for primary bone tumours : oncological and functional results of a case series 

    Hilton, T. L.; Wiese, Karin Rae; Hosking, K. V.; Hoffman, E. B. (South African Orthopaedic Association, 2019)
    Background: Resection of aggressive benign or malignant tumours of the proximal fibula are difficult due to the high number of surrounding anatomical compartments and close association with many important neurovascular and ...
  • Cerebral palsy care in South Africa : a paradigm shift 

    Du Toit, Jacques (South African Orthopaedic Association, 2019)
    The word ‘paradigm’, derived from the Greek paradeigma, refers to a ‘framework’ or ‘a very clear and typical example of something’.¹ A paradigm shift thus signifies a change in the demand for certain competencies and/or ...
  • The economic reality of home PV systems : matching consumption to generation 

    Roux, J. K.; Harms, T. M. (SAIEE, 2018)
    The aim of this paper is to provide an economic viewpoint of the benefit of the installation of a home Photo Voltaic system. An hourly daily consumption and generation profile is created for every calendar month and the ...
  • On the unintended consequences of online teaching : a response 

    Waghid, Y. (HESA, 2021)
    This article is a response to claims that online education is a pedagogical risk for teaching-learning. Of course, notions of privacy, authenticity, and ownership are real challenges to higher education but these complexities ...
  • Understanding the unintended consequences of online teaching 

    Rudman, R. J. (HESA, 2021)
    In March 2020, South Africa entered a hard lockdown and students and academics, were forced to transition into the fully (emergency) online remote learning space. Lecturers innovated, adapted and learnt how to use many new ...
  • What constitutes impact? definition, motives, measurement and reporting considerations in an African impact investment market 

    Viviers, Suzette (Medknow Publications, 2021)
    Impact investing is the fastest growing responsible investment strategy and has the potential to address many of the environmental and socio-economic challenges faced by humanity. Some scholars, however, claim that ...
  • Asthma treatment in children : a guide to screening for and management of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis suppression 

    Zollner, E. W. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2019)
    A recently published approach to paediatric asthma management neither recommended screening for nor suggested any management of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis suppression in asthmatic children treated with corticosteroids. ...
  • Closed traction reduction of cervical spine facet dislocations : compelled by law 

    Potgieter, M.; Badenhorst, D. H.; Mohideen, M.; J H Davis (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2019)
    Background. Following a 2015 ruling, the South African (SA) Constitutional Court obligates closed reduction of cervical facet dislocations sustained through low-energy injury mechanisms, within 4 hours of injury. Closed ...
  • Four-year review of admissions to a South African regional hospital general surgery department 

    Pape, J.; Swart, O.; Duvenage, R. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2019)
    Background. There are limited published data describing surgical admissions at a regional hospital level in the South African (SA) context. Objectives. To retrospectively review data from an electronic discharge summary ...
  • Cancer genetics : an approach to suspected hereditary breast or colorectal cancer 

    Scott, C. J.; Schoeman, M.; Urban, M. F. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2019)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Two of the most common cancers are breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Up to 10% of cases of each are associated with a high risk of recurrence in an affected individual, or of occurrence in biological ...
  • Tuberculosis transmission in a hospitalised neonate : need for optimised tuberculosis screening of pregnant and postpartum women 

    Zenhausern, J.; Bekker, A.; Wates, M. A.; Schaaf, H. S.; Dramowski, A. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2019)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: A recent fatal case of confirmed nosocomial tuberculosis (TB) transmission to a neonate in a kangaroo mother care (KMC) unit highlighted the infection risk to hospitalised neonates in South Africa, a ...
  • Orthopaedic referrals using a smartphone app : uptake, response times and outcome 

    Morkel, R. W.; Mann, T. N.; Du Preez, G.; Du Toit, J. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2019)
    Background. It is well established that South Africa (SA) suffers an immense burden of violence and injuries. The responsibility of providing care for these injuries falls mainly on public health services, resulting in ...
  • The nurse did not even greet me : how informed versus non-informed patients evaluate health systems responsiveness in South Africa 

    Hompashe, Dumisani MacDonald; Gerdtham, Ulf G.; Christian, Carmen S.; Smith, Anja; Burger, Ronelle (BMJ Publishing Group, 2021)
    Introduction: Universal Health Coverage is not only about access to health services but also about access to high-quality care, since poor experiences may deter patients from accessing care. Evidence shows that quality of ...
  • An analysis of adverse events and human error associated with the imaging of patients at a major trauma centre in South Africa 

    Bashir, A. A.; Kong, V. Y.; Buitendag, J. J. P.; Manchev, V.; Bekker, W.; Bruce, J. L.; Laing, G. L.; Brysiewicz, P.; Clarke, D. L. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2019)
    Background. There is growing realisation that human error contributes significantly to morbidity and mortality in modern healthcare. A number of taxonomies and classification systems have been developed in an attempt to ...
  • The critical care society of Southern Africa consensus statement on ICU triage and rationing (ConICTri) 

    Joynt, G. M.; Gopalan, D. P.; Argent, A. A.; Chetty, S.; Wise, R.; Lai, V. K. W.; Hodgson, E.; Lee, A.; Joubert, I; Mokgokong, S.; Tshukutsoane, S.; Richards, G. A.; C., Menezes; Mathivha, R. L.; Espen, B.; Levy, B.; Asante, K.; Paruk, F. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2019)
    Background. In South Africa (SA), intensive care is faced with the challenge of resource scarcity as well as an increasing demand for intensive care unit (ICU) services. ICU services are expensive, and practitioners in ...
  • The commonness of rarity : global and future distribution of rarity across land plants 

    Enquist, Brian J.; Feng, Xiao; Boyle, Brad; Maitner, Brian; Newman, Erica A.; Jorgensen, Peter Moller; Roehrdanz, Patrick R.; Thiers, Barbara M.; Burger, Joseph R.; Corlett, Richard T.; Couvreur, Thomas L. P.; Dauby, Gilles; Donoghue, John C.; Foden, Wendy; Lovett, Jon C.; Marquet, Pablo A.; Merow, Cory; Midgley, Guy; Morueta-Holme, Naia; Neves, Danilo M.; Oliveira-Filho, Ary T.; Kraft, Nathan J. B.; Park, Daniel S.; Peet, Robert K.; Pillet, Michiel; Serra-Diaz, Josep M.; Sandel, Brody; Schildhauer, Mark; Simova, Irena; Violle, Cyrille; Wieringa, Jan J.; Wiser, Susan K.; Hannah, Lee; Svenning, Jens-Christian; McGill, Brian J. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2019)
    A key feature of life’s diversity is that some species are common but many more are rare. Nonetheless, at global scales, we do not know what fraction of biodiversity consists of rare species. Here, we present the largest ...
  • The impact of health programmes to prevent vertical transmission of HIV. Advances, emerging health challenges and research priorities for children exposed to or living with HIV : perspectives from South Africa 

    Goga, A.; Slogrove, A.; Wedderburn, C. J.; Feucht, U.; Wessels, J.; Ramokolo, V.; Bhana, A.; Du Plessis, N.; Green, R. J.; Pillay, Y.; Sherman, G. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2019)
    ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Over the past three decades, tremendous global progress in preventing and treating paediatric HIV infection has been achieved. This paper highlights the emerging health challenges of HIV-exposed uninfected ...
  • Advancing X-ray micro computed tomography in Africa : going far, together 

    Du Plessis, Anton; Le Roux, Stephan G.; Tshibalanganda, Muofhe (Elsevier, 2019)
    X-ray micro computed tomography (microCT) is a high resolution non-destructive materials imaging technology and is emerging as a powerful tool for industrial and scientific research applications. The aim of this review ...
  • Steroid metabolome analysis in disorders of adrenal steroid biosynthesis and metabolism 

    Storbeck, Karl-Heinz; Schiffer, Lina; Baranowski, Elizabeth Sarah; Chortis, Vasileios; Prete, Alessandro; Barnard, Lise; Gilligan, Lorna; Taylor, Angela, E.; Idkowiak, Jan; Arlt, Wiebke; Shackleton, Cedric H. L. (Endocrine Society, 2019-07-11)
    Steroid biosynthesis and metabolism are reflected by the serum steroid metabolome and, in even more detail, by the 24-hour urine steroid metabolome, which can provide unique insights into alterations of steroid flow and ...
  • Can religious women choose? holding the tension between complicity and agency 

    Le Roux, Elisabet (Desmond Tutu Centre for Religion and Social Justice, University of the Western Cape, 2019)
    Women are oppressed and made to suffer violence by a patriarchal system that values them less than men. Yet, at times they are complicit in this system. Those advocating for gender equality and non-violence tend to interpret ...
  • Evolution of the IVGDR and its fine structure from doubly-magic 40⁴°Ca to neutron-rich ⁴⁸Ca probed Using (p,p′) scattering 

    Latif, M. B.; Usman, I. T.; Carter, J.; Sideras-Haddad, E.; Donaldson, L .M.; Jingo, M.; Kureba, C. O.; Pellegri, L. (Jagellonian University, 2019)
    Experiments investigating the fine structure of the Isovector Giant Dipole Resonances (IVGDR) have been carried out on target nuclei 40,42,44,48Ca with 200 MeV proton inelastic scattering reactions using the high-energy ...
  • A synthesis of three decades of socio-ecological change in False Bay, South Africa: setting the scene for multidisciplinary research and management 

    Pfaff, Maya C.; Logston, Renae C.; Raemaekers, Serge J. P. N.; Hermes, Juliet C.; Blamey, Laura K.; Cawthra, Hayley C.; Colenbrander, Darryl R.; Crawford, Robert J. M.; Day, Elizabeth; du Plessis, Nicole; Elwen, Simon H.; Fawcett, Sarah E.; Jury, Mark R.; Karenyi, Natasha; Kerwath, Sven E.; Kock, Alison A.; Krug, Marjolaine; Lamberth, Stephen J.; Omardien, Aaniyah; Pitcher, Grant C.; Rautenbach, Christo; Robinson, Tamara B.; Rouault, Mathieu; Ryan, Peter G.; Shillington, Frank A.; Sowman, Merle; Sparks, Conrad C.; Turpie, Jane K.; van Niekerk, Lara; Waldron, Howard N.; Yeld, Eleanor M.; Kirkman, Stephen P. (2019-08-08)
    Over the past three decades, marine resource management has shifted conceptually from top-down sectoral approaches towards the more systems-oriented multi-stakeholder frameworks of integrated coastal management and ...
  • Twin-arginine signal peptide of Bacillus licheniformis GlmU efficiently mediated secretory expression of protein glutaminase 

    Niu, Dandan; Li, Congying; Wang, Peng; Huang, Lei; Mchunu, Nokuthula Peace; Singh, Suren; Prior, Bernard A.; Ye, Xiuyun (Elsevier, 2019)
    Background: Protein glutaminase specifically deamidates glutamine residue in protein and therefore significantly improves protein solubility and colloidal stability of protein solution. In order to improve its preparation ...
  • Enhancing diversity via affirmative action : a case study of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality 

    Breakfast, Ntsikelelo B.; Maart, Brigitte (AOSIS, 2019)
    Background: This article examines diversity within the context of affirmation action, with specific reference to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality. The Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act 55 of 1998), is a policy ...
  • Angular correlation measurement with the iThemba LABS segmented clover detector 

    Shirinda, O.; Lawriea, E. A.; Buchera, T. D.; Mthembua, S. H.; Dinoko, T. R. S.; Easton, J. L.; Mtshali, W. X.; Noncolela, S. P.; Duprez, D.; Lawrie, J. J. (Jagellonian University, 2019)
    Measurements of the angular correlation function W(θ) were performed with the iThemba LABS segmented clover detector. A set of measurements with radioactive sources and irradiated targets was carried out to check the ...
  • A continental-scale validation of ecosystem service models 

    Willcock, Simon; Hooftman, Danny A. P.; Balbi, Stefano; Blanchard, Ryan; Dawson, Terence P.; O’Farrell, Patrick J.; Hickler, Thomas; Hudson, Malcolm D.; Lindeskog, Mats; Martinez-Lopez, Javier; Mulligan, Mark; Reyers, Belinda; Shackleton, Charlie; Sitas, Nadia; Villa, Ferdinando; Watts, Sophie M.; Eigenbrod, Felix; Bullock, James M. (Springer, 2019-04-22)
    Faced with environmental degradation, governments worldwide are developing policies to safeguard ecosystem services (ES). Many ES models exist to support these policies, but they are generally poorly validated, especially ...
  • The impact of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption on the liver : a proteomics-based analysis 

    Benade, Janina; Sher, Lucien; De Klerk, Sheneez; Deshpande, Gaurang; Bester, Dirk; Marnewick, Jeanine L.; Sieck, Gary; Laher, Ismail; Essop, M. Faadiel (MDPI, 2020)
    Cardiometabolic complications such as the metabolic syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) are major causes of global morbidity and mortality. As sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) are implicated in this process, this ...
  • Integrable active atom interferometry 

    Kastner, Michael; Menet, Vincent; Krie, Johannes N. (IOP Publishing, 2020)
    Active interferometers are designed to enhance phase sensitivity beyond the standard quantum limit by generating entanglement inside the interferometer. An atomic version of such a device can be constructed by means of a ...
  • Identifying and categorizing stakeholders for protected area expansion around a national park in Namibia 

    Mannetti, Lelani M.; Göttert, Thomas; Zeller, Ulrich; Esler, Karen J. (Resilience Alliance, 2019)
    Protected areas and adjacent landscapes are increasingly being viewed as integrated. A more general awareness is emerging of the relevance of collectively managed landscapes for conservation and human well-being. In Namibia, ...
  • Exploring the usefulness of scenario archetypes in science-policy processes : experience across IPBES assessments 

    Sitas, Nadia; Harmackova, Zuzana V.; Anticamara, Jonathan A.; Arneth, Almut; Badola, Ruchi; Biggs, Reinette; Blanchard, Ryan; Brotons, Lluis; Cantele, Matthew; Coetzer, Kaera; DasGupta, Rajarshi; den Belder, Eefje; Ghosh, Sonali; Guisan, Antoine; Gundimeda, Haripriya; Hamann, Maike; Harrison, Paula A.; Hashimoto, Shizuka; Hauck, Jennifer; Klatt, Brian J.; Kok, Kasper; Krug, Rainer M.; Niamir, Aidin; O'Farrell, Patrick J.; Okayasu, Sana; Palomo, Ignacio; Pereira, Laura M.; Riordan, Philip; Santos-Martín, Fernando; Selomane, Odirilwe; Shin, Yunne-Jai; Valle, Mireia (Resilience Alliance, 2019)
    Scenario analyses have been used in multiple science-policy assessments to better understand complex plausible futures. Scenario archetype approaches are based on the fact that many future scenarios have similar underlying ...

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