Endocrine function after hetero- and ortho-topic segmental pancreatic transplantation in primates

Du Toit D.F. ; Heydenrych J.J. ; Smit B. ; Louw G. ; Zuurmond T. ; Els D. ; Weideman A. ; Wolfe-Coote S. ; Du Toit L. ; Davids H. (1988)


This study assessed the early postoperative pancreatic endocrine function after intraperitoneal segmental hetero- and ortho-topic pancreatic allo-transplantation in hemipancreatectomized, nonimmunesuppressed chacma baboons. Hemipancreatectomized animals remained normoglycaemic but rendered significantly reduced K values and insulin release during IVGTT, findings consistent with major pancreatic resection. Segmental hetero- or ortho-topic pancreatic transplantation did not improve reduced K values and hypoinsulinaemia following hemipancreatectomy although orthotopically sited grafts rendered the best glucose tolerance test curves. Glucagon output during IVGTT remained the same in both transplant models. It is concluded that the postoperative hormonal response was similar in both orthotopic and heterotopic transplant recipients, which indicates that drainage of graft venous effluent into the portal circulation has no advantage over systemic insulin drainage as reflected in this 'diabetic' model.

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