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Corruption : consequences for Socio-economic Well-being in South Africa 2771
Bantoe-onderwys sedert die Wet op Bantoe-onderwys, 1953 1273
Restraint of trade agreements in employment contracts : time for Pacta Sunt Servanda to bow out? 330
Cognitive behavioural therapy in South Africa: Counsellors' experiences following a training programme 214
Compliance, compulsion and contest : aspects of military conscription in South Africa, 1952-1992 211
The regulation of Airbnb : a property law perspective 211
A study of democratic consolidation in South Africa : what progress to date? 209
How religious is Sudan's Religious War? 194
The vegetation of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland 193
The influence of music on concentration in individuals with ADHD 191