Missional theology and social development

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The article describes a theological paradigm shift taking place in congregations in South Africa that empower them to become involved in development work as a way of serving their neighbor. It also opens the possibility of working interdisciplinary without compromising theological and faith values. The perspectives and assumptions of the new paradigm are outlined and the basic methodology of doing theology is described. The new paradigm is a missional one, taking the focus on God as its point of departure and describing the identity and purpose of the church by looking at God’s identity and plan or mission with creation and humankind. Social development is seen as being in line with God’s mission and as such the church should not have difficulty in working with those who pursue the same goals.
The original publication is available at http://www.hts.org.za
Missional Theology, Social development, theological methodology
Hendriks, H.J. 2007. Missional theology and social development. HTS Theological Studies, 63 (3): 999-1016.