Traumatic herpesvirus hominis infection during rugby (Herpus venatorum) : a discussion of four cases

Mare, J. B.
Keyzer, C. M. J.
Becker, W. B.
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Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG)
Four cases of traumatic Herpesvirus hominis infection of the skin sustained during rugby are described. Attention is drawn to the importance of Herpesvirus infection of the eye, both primary and secondary, whether from self-inoculation or exogenous infection. The diagnosis must be correct so that specific treatment with idoxuridine may be considered and harmful treatment with corticosteroids may be avoided. Personal contact should be avoided during active infection. Epidemiological data show that an increasing percentage of young adults are susceptible to primary Herpesvirus infection. We are aware of undiagnosed cases and expect an increasing incidence of this type of infection.
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herpes simplex virus, traumatic infection, virus infection, adult, article, Disease transmission in rugby football players, Sports Medicine, Rugby football players -- Wounds and injuries -- Treatment -- South Africa, Herpes venatorum and rugby football players, Herpes venatorum -- Epidemiology
Mare, J. B. , Keyser, C. M. J. , Becker, W. B. 1978. Troumatiese herpesvirus hominis-Infeksie tydens Rugby (Herpes Venatorum) : 'n Bespreking van vier gevalle. South African Medical Journal, 54: 752-754