Control of reconfigurable assembly system

Adams, Azeez Olawale
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This work considers the control of reconfigurable assembly systems using a welding assembly system as a case study. The assembly system consists of a pallet magazine, a feeding system, an inspection and removal system, a welding system and a conveyor. The aim of the work is to compare PC and PLC as controllers, as well as to compare two different approaches to reconfigurable control. The control system of the pallet magazine was developed using a PC and a PLC. The PC control was programmed using Visual C#, while the PLC was programmed in Ladder Logic using Siemens S-300 STEP7. The two controllers were compared based on the attributes that measure the quality of a controller's software, which include its capability, availability, usability and adaptability. The approaches to reconfigurable control considered were the agent-based methodology and the IEC 61499 distributed control methodology, both of which were applied to the feeding system. The agent-based control system was implemented using the JADE agent platform, while the IEC 61499 distributed control system was implemented using the FBDK software kit. These two methods were compared based on the characteristics of a reconfigurable system, which include the system's modularity, integrability, convertibility, diagnosability, customization and scalability. The result obtained in comparing the PC to the PLC shows that the PLC performs better in terms of capability, availability and usability, while the PC performs better in terms of adaptability. Also, the result of the comparison between the agent-based control system and the IEC 61499 distributed control system shows that the agent-based control system performs better in terms of integrability, diagnosability and scalability, while the IEC 61499 distributed control system performs better in terms of modularity and customization. They are, however, on a par in terms of convertibility.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Hierdie werk beskou die beheer van herkonfigureerbare monteringstelsels met 'n sweismonteringstelsel as gevallestudie. Die monteringstelsel bestaan uit 'n paletmagasyn, 'n voerstelsel, 'n inspeksie-en- verwyderingstelsel, 'n sweisstelsel en 'n voerband. Die mikpunt van die werk is om persoonlike rekenaars (PCs) en programmeerbare-logikabeheerders (PLCs) as beheerders te vergelyk, asook om twee verskillende benaderings tot herkonfigureerbare beheer te vergelyk. Die beheerstelsel van die paletmagasyn is ontwikkel met 'n PC en 'n PLC. Die PC-beheer is in Visual C# geprogrammeer, terwyl die PLC in leerlogika met Siemens S-300 STEP7 geprogrammeer is. Die twee beheerders is vergelyk in terme van die eienskappe wat die kwaliteit van 'n beheerder se sagteware meet en sluit in vermoë, beskikbaarheid, bruikbaarheid en aanpasbaarheid. Die benaderings tot herkonfigureerbare beheer wat oorweeg is, is die agent-gebaseerde metodologie en die IEC 61499 verspreide-beheermetodologie. Beide is op die voerstelsel toegepas. Die agent-gebaseerde beheerstelsel is geïmplementeer met behulp van die JADE agent-platform, terwyl die IEC 61499 verspreide stelsel geïmplementeer is met behulp van die FBDK sagteware-stel. Hierdie twee metodes se vergelyking is gebaseer op die eienskappe van 'n herkonfigureerbare stelsel, waarby die stelsel se modulariteit, integreerbaarheid, diagnoseerbaarheid, pasmaakbaarheid en skaleerbaarheid ingesluit is. Die resultate wat in die vergelyking tussen die PC en PLC verkry is, toon dat die PLC beter vaar in terme van vermoë, beskikbaarheid en bruikbaarheid, terwyl die PC beter vaar in terme van aanpasbaarheid. Die resultaat van die vergelyking tussen die agent-gebaseerde beheerstelsel en die IEC 61499 verspreide beheerstelsel wys dat die agent-gebaseerde beheerstelsel beter vaar in terme van integreerbaarheid, diagnoseerbaarheid en skaleerbaarheid, terwyl die IEC 61499 verspreide beheerstelsel beter vaar in terme van modulariteit en pasmaakbaarheid. Hulle is egter vergelykbaar in terme van omskepbaarheid.
Thesis (MScEng (Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering))--University of Stellenbosch, 2010.
Reconfigurable machine systems, Reconfigurability, Multi-agent control, IEC 61499, Dissertations -- Mechanical engineering, Theses -- Mechanical engineering, Welding assembly system, Control methodology, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Computer integrated manufacturing