Profiling Punt : using trade relations to locate 'God's Land'

Glenister, Catherine Lucy
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
The geographical location of Punt has been the subject of much scholarly controversy for years. Numerous locations have been provided, favouring either regions in southern Arabia or East Africa. The latter being the more accepted theory in this case. Locating the region of Punt is linked to the foreign trade relations of Egypt during the Dynastic period. The practices that governed the Egyptian economy and thus its trade relations are studied, along with textual translations and visual sources in order to determine the kind of contact Egypt had with Punt, the trade relations between these two regions and the commodities they traded. These things determine the landscape that Puntites traversed, providing a profile of their habitat, the people that lived in it and thus a possible location for the region, which is believed to encompass the Gash Delta, on the borders of modern day Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan.
Thesis (MPhil (Ancient Studies)--University of Stellenbosch, 2008.
Punt; Ancient trade; God’s Land; Gash delta, Theses -- Ancient studies, Dissertations -- Ancient studies, Trade routes -- Africa, Eastern, Egypt -- Commerce -- Punt Region -- History, Punt Region -- Commerce -- Egypt -- History, Egypt -- Economic conditions -- To 332 B.C.