Creating corporate entrepreneurship through strategic leadership

Hough, Johan
Scheepers, Retha
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Journal of Global Strategic Management
Strategy is not what it used to be. To compete effectively, large businesses must respond quickly, creatively and innovatively to develop an entrepreneurial environment to assist this response. Strategic leadership is crucial to develop the organizational environment needed to increase the entrepreneurial orientation in established businesses. The purpose of this article is to determine if the salient organizational factors that aid in the development of the corporate entrepreneurship (CE) capability are applicable in the South African context. A cross sectional telephone SUIVey of 315 South African companies indicated that strategic leadership of an enteiprise is crucial to develop and support CE. Strategic leadership which encourages autonomy and provides rewards for entrepreneurial behaviour creates a supportive organizational structure to strengthen corporate entrepreneurship.
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Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Strategic planning
Hough, J. & Scheepers, R. 2008. Creating corporate entrepreneurship through strategic leadership. Journal of Global Strategic Management, 2(1):17-25.