Factors affecting housing delivery in South Africa : a case study of the Fisantekraal housing development project, Western Cape

Burgoyne, Megan–Leigh
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
This study examines the issue of housing delivery in South Africa since the democratic elections in 1994. The case study of Fisantekraal, a low-income housing project situated close to Cape Town in the Western Cape, illustrates the challenges associated with housing delivery and allocation. The study illuminates the main issues associated with housing allocation and delivery, as well as how these processes were managed in the said housing project. The study is descriptive in nature and explores the relationship between housing policy and practice. The method of Policy Analysis for Sustainable Livelihoods was employed because it emphasises the significance of the processes that formulate and enlighten policy. Additionally, it places the spotlight on the livelihood priorities of vulnerable groups and the impact policies and institutions have on them in terms of accessibility to livelihoods assets, such as housing. The national housing policy is discussed as a response to the severe housing need experienced in South Africa, resulting from high population growth, smaller households, urbanisation and the Apartheid legacy. The key variables known to influence the rate of housing delivery such as financial constraints at local government level, under-spending due to capacity constraints, insufficient resource allocation and a lack of suitable land, are discussed in this regard.
Thesis (MPhil (Sociology and Social Anthropology))--University of Stellenbosch, 2008.
Housing -- South Africa, Housing -- Fisantekraal, Housing policy, Housing projects -- Western Cape, Dissertations -- Sociology, Theses -- Sociology, Dissertations -- Community and development, Theses -- Community and development, Housing development -- South Afric Western Cape, Housing policy -- South Africa, Low-income housing -- South Africa -- Western Cape