Aspects of quantum field theories

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
ENGLISH ABSTRACT: In this study project we give a general introduction to quantum field theories. In the first chapter we revise the operator formalism of quantum mechanics as well as the second quantization scheme that is used to describe many-particle systems. In the second chapter we develop the idea of path integrals within a quantum mechanics framework. We then apply path integral formalism developed in chapter two to introduce quantum field theories. We describe a field theory for scalar fields in chapter three and then a field theory for fermion fields in chapter four as well as the renormalization techniques in chapter five. In chapter six we show how scattering amplitudes are related to Green's functions which are derived from the path integral formalism. In the last chapter we give a brief introduction to gauge field theories.
AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: In hierdie werkstuk, gee ons 'n algemene inleiding tot kwantum velde-teoriee. In die eerste hoofstuk hersien ons die operator formalisme van kwantum meganika asook die tweede kwantisasie skema wat gebruik word om veel-deeltjie sisteme te beskryf. Ons ontwikkel in die tweede hoofstuk die idee van padintegrale binne die raamwerk van kwantum meganika. Ons gebruik dan hierdie padintegraal formalisme, wat in die tweede hoofstuk ontwikkel is, om kwantum velde-teoriee te verduidelik. Ons beskryf 'n velde teorie vir skalaar velde in hoofstuk drie en dan 'n velde teorie vir fermion velde in hoofstuk vier asook die renormalisasie tegnieke in hoofstuk vyf. In hoofstuk ses toon ons die die verband tussen verstrooiings-amplitudes en Green's funksies, wat uit die padintegraal formalisme herlei word. In die laaste hoofstuk, gee ons 'n kort inleiding tot ykveldteoriee.
Study project (M. Sc.) -- University of Stellenbosch,1997.
Quantum field theory, Path integrals, Gauge fields (Physics), Scalar field theory, Fermions, Dissertations -- Physics