Community psychology: constructing community, reconstructing psychology in South Africa

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Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University
An inaugural lecture is an important rite of passage in any university, serving two primary purposes. It is an opportunity for the university as an institution to induct and introduce its new academic appointee to the university community, to the local community and to the general public. For the appointee, it serves as a first formal opportunity to present him- or herself, to communicate his or her thoughts, ideas and intentions regarding the discipline or academic field to which he or she is expected to provide academic leadership and to initiate research. I’d like to structure my presentation into the following chapter or headings: 1) The personal context 2) Reconstructing Psychology in South Africa: The call for a relevant psychology 3) Community Psychology 4) Constructing Community: Implementing a community psychology project 5) Towards a Community Psychology curriculum 6) The University’s accountability to community development
Inaugural address delivered in August 2000
Community psychology -- South Africa, Social psychology, Narrative inquiry (Research method), Curriculum planning -- Stellenbosch University -- Dept. of Psychology