Post-foundational practical theology as correlational hermeneutic

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University of the Free State, Faculty of Theology
The article argues that Practical Theology has moved from the uncertainty of simply being applied theology to a point where its methodology, described as the pastoral cycle in this instance, has gained such confidence that it is viewed as the natural way of doing theology. This shift in confidence occurred because the inherent theological and epistemological fault lines in foundationalism are no longer obscure. The article defines foundationalism and then focuses on describing the local and global dimensions of the pastoral cycle as well as the importance of doing it in an interdisciplinary manner.
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Post-foundationalism, Foundationalism, Practical theology, Pastoral reflection, Correlational hermeneutic
Macallan, B. & Hendriks, H. J. 2013. Post-foundational practical theology as correlational hermeneutic. Acta Theologica, 33(1):135-157,