First-year students’ participation and performance in a financial accounting support group

De Jager, Eloise
Bitzer, Eli
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Clute Institute
The academic performance and retention of first-year students are under scrutiny worldwide. In view of the emphasis on first-year success, a support group was established in a first-year module - Financial Accounting 178 - at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. The article reports on students’ perceptions of their participation and their pass rates within the support group. Both qualitative and quantitative data were obtained from interviews, questionnaires, and an analysis of support group pass rates. The overall conclusion from this study is that students in financial accounting perceived their participation as positive and an increase in pass rates, compared to previous results, was observed. Small-group participation, tutorial classes, and peer student assistance all appear to contribute positively to improved performance of support groups. A number of areas for possible future research were identified from the results.
Publication of this article was funded by the Stellenbosch University Open Access Fund.
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Perceptions of First-Year Students, Accounting -- Study and teaching -- South Africa -- Stellenbosch, Self-help groups -- South Africa -- Stellenbosch, Academic achievement -- South Africa -- Stellenbosch, College freshmen -- South africa -- Stellenbosch, Pass rates -- South africa -- Stellenbosch
De Jager, E. & Bitzer , E. 2013. First-year students' participation and performance in a financial accounting support group. International Business and Economics Journal, 12(4):399-414.