Chroniese miltabses : 'n gevalbespreking

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A 16-year-old girl had had a splenic abscess for approximately 20 months with minimal symptoms and signs. Progressive elevation of the left hemidiaphragm could be traced on chest radiographs from 20 months before admission, and was shown on ultrasonography, radionuclide scintigraphy and computed tomography to be secondary to massive splenomegaly. The presence of splenic abscesses was confirmed by laparotomy and she was cured by splenectomy. The nonspecific clinical presentation and potential high mortality of this condition are stressed, and the role of diagnostic aids is discussed. Ultrasonography is a good screening procedure in terms of cost and speed, but splenic scintigraphy is more sensitive. Computed tomography is the most sensitive and specific non-invasive procedure for the diagnosis of splenic abscesses.
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CITATION: Tredoux, J. G. et al. 1984. Chroniese miltabses : 'n gevalbespreking. South African Medical Journal, 66:68-71.
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