Die verklaring kultuurlandskappe : voor- en nadele

Van der Merwe, Anita
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Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch
A cultural landscape is a geographical area that includes the associations of cultural and natural resources of historic events, actions, person or groups of people. A cultural landscape gives one a sense of belonging. It explains relationships between man and land over time; it is part of a national heritage and part of every person’s life. The value of cultural landscapes is vested in the fact that they include a variety of diverse environments. The motive of selecting this subject for search is the prominent disregard of existing culture in certain cultural landscapes and creation of new artificial cultural landscapes with profit exclusively as its main goal. One of the aims of the study is to look at the threats of cultural landscapes. The concept cultural landscapes is extensively explained in context of its advantages and disadvantages. Sustainable tourism development is closely connected to sustainable development of heritage sites. Local government should therefore develop a cultural tourism policy in collaboration with private stakeholders and local residents as a matter of priority. The focus is on the balance between values of cultural heritage and potential economic opportunities for local communities. The procedure of the declaration of World Heritages sites is also dealt with. The purpose of the case studies is to use local examples in order to reflect the situation in the Western Cape with respect to cultural landscapes. Two cases of cultural landscapes were researched, namely the Karoo Heritage Landscape’s upgrading of the golf course in Oudtshoorn with a proposed new housing development, and a proposed development and extension at the Boschendal Farmers Estate in the Franschhoek district. Guidelines and examples for managing the models for conservation of cultural landscapes are given, which include natural and cultural resources as well as the concerns of the local communities. The need for a global strategy is strongly emphasized. UNESCO’S World Heritage List of Cultural Landscapes is attached as an appendix.
Thesis (MA (History))--University of Stellenbosch, 2007.
Cultural landscapes -- South Africa, Cultural property -- South Africa, Heritage tourism -- South Africa, Dissertations -- History, Theses -- History