The Zollinger-Ellison syndrome : a case report

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A vagotomy and antrectomy was performed on a 15-year-old boy with malignant gastrinoma for emergency control of massive upper gastro-intestinal haemorrhage from a large posterior penetrating duodenal ulcer in the presence of jejunal ulceration and liver metastases. Hypergastrinaemia was confirmed by elevated serum gastrin levels. In the short term postoperatively the patient's disease has been controlled with oral cimetidine. Although controversy continues over the efficacy of cimetidine in the management of gastrinomas, medical treatment should be considered as an alternative to total gastrectomy in children with malignant gastrinomas because they are often slow-growing, indolent and compatible with long survival.
CITATION: Du Toit, D. F. et al. 1985. The Zollinger-Ellison syndrome : a case report. South African Medical Journal, 68:607-608.
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